ZonDai 4 in 1 Infrared Heater Humidifier Review

4 in 1 1500W watt Quartz Infrared Heater Humidifier


The ZonDai 4 in 1 Infrared Heater Humidifier is a ridiculous value; this model heats, humidifies and purifies your air with cutting edge air cleaning technologies – all for remarkably low price. For more details about this fantastic and very affordable multi-purpose heater/humidifier/air purifier, please read on.

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We have seen a lot of good infrared space heaters come out this year.  We have also seen many solid humidifiers and air purifiers hitting the market lately. However, it’s rare to see all of these technologies available in a single unit, much less one that is currently selling for less than $150!

Well, in case it’s not already obvious, we are talking about the new ZonDai 4 in 1 1500W watt Quartz Infrared Heater Humidifier. The specifications on this unit are very impressive.

First, the ZonDai 4 in 1 Heater Humidifier is a powerful infrared space heater that uses a 1,500-watt infrared quartz positive thermal coefficient heating element. This heating element generates an impressive 5,600BTUs of heating power – enough to warm a room up to 1,000 square feet in size.

Second, this unit is equipped with a modern High Efficient Particulate Air (i.e., “HEPA”) filter, which is rated to capture approximately 99.5 percent of all suspended particles down to a size of 0.3 microns.  This is the same type of filter we see in high quality dedicated home air purifiers.

Third, the ZonDai 4 in 1 Heater Humidifier uses a relatively new air purification technology called photocatalytic oxidation (“PCO”), which works by combining UV light and titanium oxide to create highly reactive particles, such as hydroxyls and super-oxides, that go out into the air and pretty much cook any microorganism and pollutant they come into contact with through the process of oxidation. This PCO air treatment is excellent for removing odors and killing airborne viruses, molds, bacteria and other pathogens.

And fourth, the 4 in 1 will humidify your purified and warmed air to make it more comfortable and easy to breathe.

In addition to coming loaded with technology, the ZonDai 4 in 1 Heater Humidifier is designed to run quietly. In fact, the manufacturer reports an operating sound level of 25-42 decibels, which again is surpisingly good for a very affordable multi-purpose air treatment machine.

Overall, we like the ZonDai 4 in 1 Heater Humidifier. This unit packs big space heating power, uses cutting edge air purification technologies, and has a convenient humidification function. Moreover, it runs fairly quietly notwithstanding all of these high-tech features, and comes in at striking bargain compared to other multi-function heater humidifiers. What’s not to like?

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