Zojirushi SN-XAE80XA Review

If you like electric slow cookers, consider a premium-quality vacuum cooker instead. One new model getting the highest ratings today is the Zojirushi SN-XAE80XA Stainless Steel Thermal Vacuum Cooking Pot.

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Electric slow cookers use a heating element and a closed pot to subject food to typically long cooking times in order to soften the food and fully release its flavors.  In concept, this works fine, but heat invariably escapes the system and food must remain in the unit for several hours to mitigate this fact.  So while slow cookers may not draw tremendous power, they end up consuming lots of energy just by virtue of the duration of your cook.

Another way to obtain the benefits of the slow cooking method, but faster and much more efficiently – and with better results – is to purchase a high-quality vacuum canister/pot cooker.  These units do not have a heating element, but instead use stove top heat and trap it in the pot where it belongs so it can work on your food more effectively and quickly.  As such, these cookers must be equipped with highly-efficient insulation to ensure minimal loss of heat.  The result is that your food cooks faster and tastes better, and is cooked in a fraction of the time, with far less energy consumed.

The reason why this whole process requires a very high-quality cooker is that the entire unit’s performance is dependent on the degree to which the cooker retrains heat.  In essence, think of the vacuum pot as a thermos, which receives heat but is designed to concentrate and hold it within the cooking chamber, rather than letting it escape into the atmosphere. So, the better the heat retaining capacity of the pot (including its lid closure), the better the unit is overall.

This is why the Zojirushi SN-XAE80XA shines. It uses a stainless steel exterior with a high-tech vacuum-insulated outer container to effectively cook foods using their own heat.  The vacuum created between the inner/outer walls of the cooking container makes a virtually impassible chasm for heat – much the same way vacuum-insulated containers are made for the medical industry for storing liquid nitrogen (except that these are designed to prevent heat from entering the container).  At any rate, that Zojirushi has perfected this vacuum insulation feature shows in the consistently 5-star ratings received by the SN-XAE80XA. Users frequently comment on how much better this model is compared to other brands they have purchased in the past.

In addition to its high-tech insulation, other notable features of this model include a clear glass cooking lid, stay-cool handles and a large, 2-gallon capacity.

To sum up, if you are interested in taking advantage of the tremendous benefits of vacuum pot cooking, don’t skimp on quality.  For a premium vacuum cooker that will give you the best results, the Zojirushi SN-XAE60XA is a very safe bet.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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