Yowza Fitness Lido Treadmill with IWM Review

Yowza Fitness Lido Treadmill with IWM ReviewPerhaps one of the biggest complaints about treadmills and other exercise equipment is all of the real estate they occupy in the home or office. To address this issue, many manufacturers have designed folding models, but they vary tremendously in quality and actual folded size.

Unlike many of the so-called folding treadmills on the market today, however, the Yowza Fitness Lido with “IWM” (Intelligent Weight Management) is in fact a particularly compact, professional-grade treadmill that has the added benefit of coming fully assembled, which is in part due to this ability to fold down into a remarkably small size.  But this begs the question: does this ability sacrifice durability and performance? Let’s take a look. Please read on for more information and our concluding thoughts and opinions.

Quick Specifications

We’ve reviewed other Lido treadmills and have always found them to be high quality and a cut above relative the bulk of the mid-range, residential use treadmill brands currently available. That’s why we aren’t surprised that the Lido with IWM does not seem to fall short on any of the key requirements for a serious weight loss treadmill, despite its unusual compactness. It has a speed control that can vary belt speeds from 0.5 – 8.8 mph, which should be adequate for the vast majority of users. It also possesses an incline adjustment (2 levels) in addition to manual adjustment.

The electric motor at the heart of this model is also very punchy for such a compact treadmill, with a rated 2.5 horsepower and smooth, quiet operation. The 17 inch by 51 inch treadmill belt is generous and the deck is also high quality, constructed with triple-laminated coating and fitted to a patented shock absorption system to minimize stress on joints.This treadmill is rated to accommodate users up to 250 pounds.

Moreover, this treadmill features a scale (included) that “talks” to the treadmill as part of the “Intelligent Weight Management” system, which allows the treadmill to, in effect, interact with the user so that tailored workouts can be created. A very nice and personalized feature.

But, perhaps the most interesting thing about this treadmill is just how much performance and power it crams into such a small footprint. The Lido with IWM is only 63 by 32 by 52 inches and weighs a mere 182 pounds.  And when folded, it’s only 56 inches high and 14 inches long! In addition, the Lido is covered by a very solid 3 year manufacturer warranty, which includes 1 year of labor charges.

Price & Value

This model is currently selling for about $900, which is a steep discount off of its normal $1,400 list price. At this price point, we think this treadmill provides excellent value for the money, particularly if you really want a treadmill that you can literally fold up and tuck away in the smallest spaces.

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Yowza Fitness Lido with IWM - great value and feature setConcluding Thoughts

We’ve reviewed lots of folding treadmills; however, the Yowza Fitness Lido with IWM may be the most impressive compact, folding model we’ve seen in a long time. This, coupled with its fully assembled design makes it a no-fuss and easy option for those looking to get started on their exercise plan literally minutes out of the box. As such, if space in your home or office is of paramount concern, we think this is a an excellent choice.

Is there anything we don’t like about the Yowza? Well, it would be nice if it could support heavier users; however, given its design aim for compactness, we think this is a reasonable compromise.

Overall, a great, higher-quality folding treadmill that’s currently available for an even greater price.

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