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Elliptical machines are often the most popular way to get your full-body cardio workout, making them a key addition to any home gym or exercise room. For the latest and greatest model from a very hot manufacturer right now, check out the pricey but very high-quality Yowza Fitness Islamorada Elliptical Machine. For more information about this newly-released addition to the already cutting-edge Yowza Fitness line, please keep reading.

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Yowza Fitness has been pumping out some very elite elliptical trainers lately, which has earned it some pretty serious recognition from the fitness industry. Nevertheless, despite receiving high marks for its work, Yowza Fitness presses on with its introduction of its latest model – the Yowza Fitness Islamorada.

The Islamorada is poised as the jewel of Yowza Fitness’ already top-tier elliptical product line. Indeed, the Islamorada is even a tad bit more expensive than the Captiva Plus, which makes us wonder:  what’s so great about the Islamorada?

The Islamorada uses the same highly-regarded stride motion technology as the Captiva Plus, except the Islamorada now includes up to 60% incline, which is 10% more than the Captiva Plus could achieve.  In addition, the Islamorada employs a slightly longer variable stride length adjustment (19” to 30”) compared to the 18” to 28” variable length for the Captiva Plus.

The Islamorada also differs from its predecessor in its new rotating egg-shaped grips on the upper body handles, which are designed to isolate and focus on the abs. Moreover, this model can also handle a slightly heavier user – up to 450 pounds to be exact.

Other new add-ons include gel inserts on the pedals and a 7 year (versus 5 year for the Captiva Plus) warranty on parts and electronics.  Beyond this, the Islamorada comes with virtually all of the same design features that made the Captiva Plus so popular, such as its stride motion technology, electromagnetic breaking system, iPod dock, speakers and other on-board gadgetry.

In our view, the Yowza Fitness Islamorada is easily one of the highest quality ellipticals on the market today.  Indeed, this model is based on the same extremely well-received technology that launched the Captiva Plus to epic popularity, and then adds some extra useful features, such as greater stride length, an industry-leading 60% incline, and egg shaped rotating handles for greater abdominal focus.

For sure, the primary drawback of the Islamorada would be its extremely formidable price tag. However, if you can swing it, and what you seek is a truly top-tier elliptical that is capable of reliably delivering high intensity workouts that are limited only by your own level of dedication, then we think it’s money well spent.

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