Winix WAC6300 Air Cleaner Review

Winix WAC6300

If you are looking for a cutting edge, yet affordable true HEPA air purifier for a large room or studio apartment, you ought to take a look at the Winix WAC6300.

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Air purification is a necessity for many homes, particularly for those of us who suffer from allergies.  However, cleaner air is important for everyone, and the EPA has reported that common airborne allergens, such as dust, mold and other particulate matter can have deleterious effects on our health.  As a result, there are many manufacturers clamoring to produce air purifiers for all price ranges. Unfortunately, much of this is hype is to promote technologies that don’t work, and even have been found to adversely affect home air quality.

Among the newer units on the market that is based on empirically-sound air purification technology, we suggest you consider the Winix WAC6300 4-Stage,True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology. This Energy-Star Qualified model utilizes true HEPA mechanical filtration, which removes 99.7% of airborne pollutants, including pet dander and other particulate allergens down to 0.3 microns. However, before air is subjected to HEPA filtration, it passes through a carbon pre-filter, which catches large particles and absorbs odors created by, for example, cigarettes, cooking and decaying material. In addition to removing odors, this prefilter significantly extends the life of the HEPA unit.

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