WiFi Baby WFBYMK4-N Review

Baby monitoring goes the way of the Internet with the WiFi Baby WFBYMK4-N system.  We knew it was inevitable, and here it is – in a neat little unit that is getting fairly solid reviews by users and tech pundits everywhere.

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Baby monitors have grown increasingly sophisticated over the last few years.  Nevertheless, the typical monitoring system utilizes a dedicated monitor to display real-time images of your loved one.  The WiFi Baby WFBYMK4-N, however, harnesses the Internet and uses a web browser in connection with your iPhone, iPad, or Android to pull up video feed of your baby.

The only piece of hardware that the WiFi Baby system comes with is a Y-cam surveillance type camera equipped with 30 infrared LEDs that provide night vision up to approximately 50 feet.  The camera’s signal is encrypted (WEP, WPA and WPA2 are supported) to provide a secure feed.  The Y-cam also captures audio as well, and comes with some audio filtering/enhancement features that alert you when your baby begins to stir, even when there is background noise that might otherwise muffle his or her cries.

In our view, what’s most interesting about the camera system is that it has its own IP address.  Thus, with some basic configuring, you can connect to and pull up video from the Y-cam from around the world.  This is definitely a huge advantage over typical baby monitors, and can give you instant calm wherever you can connect to the internet.

Perhaps the only major drawback of this unit is its biggest advantage – its reliance on your WiFi network.  Sure, when its working you have a pure digital signal that is not subject to radio interference and allows you to dial up the camera’s IP address for worldwide connectivity, but what about if you lose your WiFi temporarily? Perhaps this is not a problem for most of us, but it’s something to consider nonetheless.

Issues with the reliability of your internet service provider notwithstanding, we think the WiFi Baby WFBYMK4-N monitoring system is a great new concept that will most likely be repeated as we become more and more addicted to our smartphones and other mobile devices.  And heck, even if you are not thrilled about the WFBYMK4-N as a baby monitor, it can be easily re-purposed as an all-purpose home surveillance cam, which is what the camera was initially designed for!

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