Whirlpool WTW8800YC / WED8800YC Laundry Pair Review

If you are searching for a new washer dryer, check out Whirlpool’s hot new Cabrio Laundry Pair– it’s as sexy and as advanced as top-load washer/ dryers get.

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Purchasing a washer and dryer pair is much more affordable than buying units separately. Moreover, when buying a pair, you can benefit from matching color and designs.  Most importantly, however, is the quality and features of the units.

Whirlpool, an industry leader in washer and dryer manufacturing, has put together two of its hottest top-loading H/E Cabrio units, models WTW8800YC and WED8800YC, to create a dynamite laundry pair that is already becoming very popular.  It’s no surprise, given this duo’s solid specifications and sharp exterior.

The washer in the pair is cutting edge, and is National Sanitation Foundation (“NSF”) certified with an Oxi Cycle. Further, it comes with a very slick Precision Dispense Plus feature, a cool LED-illuminated washer drum, and is Energy Star Rated.  Energy Star Rating is particularly important in high demand appliances like washers, especially when you consider how much an efficient model can save you over its lifetime in terms of reduced electricity costs.

The matching dryer on this team is also top-notch.  Among other features, it comes with an enhanced touch-up steam cycle and moisture sensor, and a Wrinkle Shield Plus Option with steam.  Both units have a full digital display, a contemporary design, and are encased in a very attractive silver metallic finish.  To round it off, this pair comes with a full year of labor and parts coverage from Whirlpool, in the event you ever need it.

We at HGT are very fond of the durability and performance of Whirlpool washers and dryers, and would easily recommend either of these units individually. However, offered as a pair, we think the combination results in a tremendous deal.  In sum, if you want to maximize the bang for your buck, and like top loaders, the Whirlpool WTW8800YC / WED8800YC Cabrio H/E Laundry Pair is one of the best and most affordable high-quality laundry pairs on the market today.

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