Whirlpool WMC20005YD Countertop Microwave Review

Whirlpool WMC20005YD 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven


Kitchens can get crowed – so for those looking to maximize countertop space, while still enjoying the performance of a high-quality unit that can handle a large dinner plate, we suggest you consider the hot little Whirlpool WMC20005YD 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven.  For more information about this compact countertop model, please continue reading.

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One of the only big downsides of having lots of great kitchen appliances is not having enough space to store – or even use – them. Indeed, in many modern kitchens, especially smaller ones, countertop space is in very limited supply. In such cases, typical appliance designs must give way in the name of space-saving.

The traditional countertop microwave is good example of a relatively inefficient use of counter space. Long and deep, these units are normally countertop hogs, which gobble up precious real estate needed for other key appliances, or cooking/prep space.

Well, Whirlpool has heard and responded to this call with the Whirlpool WMC20005YD 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven. This little countertop dynamo brings the power of a larger family-type oven with a vertical, rounded-back space saving design that allows it to fit in tight spaces or corner areas, while still managing to handle a full size dinner plate.

Despite its compact design, the WMC20005YD has plenty of power. In fact, with its 750 watts, there is very little sacrifice in heating speed compared to other full-size models. As such, users often comment that they typically don’t notice the difference in performance between this and their 1,000 watt ovens.

Further, the WMC20005YD has sufficient space, especially considering how small and compact it is. Specifically, with its 0.5 cubic feet of heating area, you can fit a large 11-inch dinner plate on the glass turntable and shut the door comfortably. This is great, and is good enough for most of us who heat plates one at time anyway.

Other notable features of the Whirlpool WMC20005YD are its smartly integrated handle and console; attractive LED power panel with convenient tap-touch controls; adjustable power values; and control lock feature to prevent inadvertent changes to your cook settings.

Overall, we think the Whirlpool WMC20005YD 0.5 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven is a fantastic, ultra-modern and compact option that comes through with big-size power and a relatively generous capacity. As such, this is an ideal choice for small/cluttered kitchens, dorm rooms, offices, or anywhere else where space is at a premium.

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