Whirlpool WDT910SAYM Review

If you are in the market for a cutting edge 15-place setting dishwasher, check out the Whirlpool Gold Series WDT910SAYM with PowerScour Option.

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Among the various dishwasher manufacturers seeking your business, Whirlpool is one of the most well-respected. Whirlpool’s Gold Series line continues to gain popularity due to its advanced features; take for example, the WDT910SAYM with PowerScour Option.

This washer comes with Whirlpool’s own PowerScour system, which is intended to eliminate prewash soaking and scrubbing by employing an array of 40 spray heads strategically arranged in the unit to dislodge and blast away baked-on food. The system also doubles the washer’s coverage to clean more without using additional water.

In addition, this model comes with a Sensor Cycle, which automatically chooses the correct wash/dry settings for your dishes by using two different sensors that analyze temperature, soil level and dish load size during the prewash and wash cycles. With this technology, Whirlpool reports the WDT910SAYM cleans your dishes 35% more effectively compared to previous wash systems.

Moreover, the WDT910SAYM is incredibly energy efficient. Indeed, Whirlpool’s line is reported to be the industry’s most efficient washing systems, using nearly a half of the water and energy of older models, without sacrificing cleaning power or efficacy.

Just a few of the many additional features that come with this model are its flexible capacity that accommodates large and odd shaped items; EZ Adjustable tines that prove two times the space between tines to fit larger items for more thorough cleaning; an overnight cycle that uses and extended prewash and heavy wash cycle to clean baked-on soils; an Eco Dry option that uses a shorter heating time and results in 70% less energy expended; and a Quiet Parnter IV Sound Package, which utilizes sound-reducing insulation to make the WDT910SAYM run more quietly than other washers in its class.

In addition to its more advanced and efficient washing technology, this model is also very attractive, coming in a monochromatic stainless steel finish. Indeed, all around, the Whirlpool Gold Series WDT910SAYM with PowerScour Option is a great new washer that cleans better and smarter than other models.

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