Westinghouse WH6000S Review

Westinghouse WH6000S


The Westinghouse WH6000S Portable Generator brings power, durability, and an advanced muffler system that makes for quieter operation. Read on for further details.

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A portable generator is a very smart addition to the home for a variety of reasons; among others, they can help keep you and your family powered up despite natural disasters and municipal power failures; they can keep your tools and appliance working at remote jobsites; and they can add a level of comfort to your camping/recreational experiences that will make you and the Mrs happy to be “roughing” it.

Nevertheless, whatever you need one for, it’s worth the time to pick out a model that will give you ample power and crank up reliably when you need it. Moreover, given the price of these units, you don’t want to have to buy something that will need to be replaced anytime soon.

Of the generator manufacturers out there today, Westinghouse consistently impresses us with the solid construction and reliability of their portable models. And one particular new model that screams “good buy” to us is the Westinghouse WH6000S Portable Generator.

The Westinghouse WH6000S brings all of key features that we look for in a top-tier portable generator, with some extra thrown in.

First of all, Westinghouse knows how to put together a good engine, and it’s 357cc, 4-stroke overhead valve model, which boasts cast iron cylinder sleeves and forged pistons/connecting rods for low oil consumption and strength, does not disappoint. This solid power plant coupled with Westinghouse’s high-efficiency alternator pumps out an impressive 6,000 running watts and 7,500 starting watts, which is the kind of power you need to bring several heavy appliances to life – and keep them going.

As usual with Westinghouse models, the WH6000S comes with a full power panel that has several circuit breakers, (4) 120 volt outlets and (1) 240 volt outlet. The run time of this model is also solid; this generator can be run continuously for 13 hours at 50% of maximum load on a single tank of gas.

Another key feature that the WH6000S boasts is a unique Pulse-Flo muffler. This muffler is very good at dampening the engine noise attendant with all portable models.  You can only really appreciate this advancement when you hear the roar of a typical portable generator!

Finally, aside from having a solid & reliable construction, great power and a cutting-edge noise reducing system, the Westinghouse WH6000S is priced very reasonably compared to similar 6,000/7,500 watt generators, and it’s supported by a customer service team that is legendary to boot.

In sum, as far as we’re concerned, if you are looking for a 6,000 running watt generator, the WH6000S is an easy choice.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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