Westinghouse WH5500 Review

Westinghouse WH5500Mother Nature is beautiful but can be merciless. A great way to be prepared for her inevitable wrath is with a high quality portable generator, like the Westinghouse WH5500 5000 Running Watt / 6750 Starting Watt Portable Generator.

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Portable power is becoming more essential to the average home owner.  We’ve all seen the extended power outages that can result from intense storms, hurricanes and flooding.  And without a backup plan, you can be left in the dark with no food, heat or other important comforts.  In addition, even in the absence of natural disaster, municipal power grids can become unreliable during peak usage months, leading to blackouts or brownouts.

Portable power is also fantastic for those who simply desire the convenience of key home appliances wherever they go.  As such, portable generators are ideal for campers, RV use and those who work at off-the-grid job sites.

When selecting a portable generator, it usually pays to go for a high quality unit that delivers a bit more power than you think you need.  One model that we like for its quality design and good power-generating capacity is the Westinghouse WH5500 5000 Running Watt / 6750 Starting Watt Portable Generator.

The Westinghouse WH5500 is a workhorse, coming with a cast iron-sleeved 357 cc engine that generates a very solid 5,500 running watts and 6,750 surge watts – enough to get large appliances started.  And the power panel is color coded for simplicity and equipped with an EZ start, as well as the outlets needed to hook up your appliances quickly, including (4) 5-20R 120V outlets and (1) L14-30R 120/240V twist outlet.

Other notable features of the Westinghouse WH5500 are its over-sized muffler for quiet operation, never-flat tires, high-leverage handles and tool kit.  Each unit also comes with a liter of oil and funnel.

Finally, this generator is easy to assemble, but in the event you have problems you can always contact Westinghouse’s well-respected customer service center for assistance.

Overall, we are very impressed with the Westinghouse WH5500.  This generator packs lots of power, comes with a complete control panel and EZ start feature, and is built to last with a level of design quality that Westinghouse is well known for in the industry.  In sum, if you are looking for a good all-around portable generator, this is an excellent choice.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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