WEN 56877 9000-Watt Portable Generator Review

Be prepared for power outages or off-the-grid living, working or playing. Check out the new WEN 56877 9000-Watt Portable Generator with Electric Start and Wheel Kit. This is a workhorse of a portable generator that has lots of power for whatever need that may arise.

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Portable power is a necessity for many of us who work, live or spend significant time off of the grid. However, such units are also important to provide backup power to key appliances and tools for people living on the grid, when the inevitable power failures occur. For example, it seems that each year storms are growing in intensity, which in turn causes more and longer blackout periods. With a portable generator, you can sure that essential items remain working when you most need them.

When selecting a portable generator, it pays to buy from an established manufacturer and to select a model with a powerful engine that can handle heavy loads and generate ample electricity. Also important is a full power panel and sufficient gas tank capacity to provide a long run time.  Finally, an electric start and high quality roll-cage with a sturdy wheel kit are also essential features.

One very new model to hit the market that we like is the WEN 56877 9000-Watt Portable Generator with Electric Start and Wheel Kit. This is a monster of a portable generator. It has a powerful 15 horsepower, four-stroke engine with a forced air cooling system that can generate  a maximum of 9,000 surge watts and 7,000 running watts, which is sufficient to power high-draw appliances and power tools with ease. Moreover, it comes with an easy push-button electric start, a steel-tubular roll cage and wheel kit, and a full power panel that includes four 120 volt receptacles, one 120 volt NEMA L5-30R receptacle, and one 240/120 volt NEMA L14-30 receptacle. Finally, it has a 6.5 gallon fuel tank that can run the unit for 9 hours at 50% of maximum load.

This is a great new model from WEN, a recognized name in power generation Рit has great power generation, a strong 15 HP engine, electric start, a complete power panel, and a large gas tank to keep your heavy appliances running for many hours after the lights go out. In addition, the WEN 56877 9000-Watt Portable Generator is also reasonably priced compared to other similar portable generators in its class.  In other words, we feel that this unit is a very good buy.

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