Weber 522001 Q-140/Q-240 Portable Electric Grill Review

Weber 522001 Q-140

Weber Q-140 Portable Electric Grill

If you can’t use an open flame grill at your apartment or condo, or if you simply prefer the ease of using an electric, then we suggest you consider the very highly-rated Weber 522001 Q-140 Portable 189-Square-Inch Electric Grill. For more information about this 5-star portable grill, please continue reading.

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While grilling with an open flame is usually preferable, there are many situations where it’s simply not possible, such as in many apartments, condominiums or other tight living areas where the smoke and fumes of gas or charcoal grilling can damage property or simply irritate neighbors.

In addition, many people simply rather not deal with the headache of buying/storing propane tanks, or handling sooty, messy charcoal briquettes, especially if they are grilling on their apartment patios and/or close to living areas.

In these cases, it pays to buy a high-quality compact electric grill, like the Weber 522001 Q-140 Portable 189-Square-Inch Electric Grill.

The Weber 522001 Q-140 is made with the same exacting standards used in its gas/charcoal models, which have made Weber famous among hard-core pit masters and weekend warriors alike.

This electric model has 1,560 watts of heating power and advanced heating elements that are sufficient to handy any grill job, from quick-searing a thick steak to gently cooking delicate fish or poultry.  And because it’s electric, grilling heat can be adjusted infinitely via the temperature control setting.

Like most portable grills, it is rather compact, coming with 189-square inches of total cooking area. And while this is definitely on the smaller side, it’s big enough for the average city slicker and his/her small family or small group of friends to enjoy a real cook out. If you need more space, a virtually identical but larger 280-square inch version of this model (the Q-240) is available.

Though the Q-140 be small, it’s built with very high-quality materials. For example, it uses cutting-edge porcelain-enameled cooking grate for superior heat transfer, durability and easy clean-up, and this grill is fitted with a heat-retaining liner material composed of aluminum to ensure a more stable cooking temperature. And on the outside, this grill is encased in cast-aluminum and sits on a glass-reinforced nylon frame, all of which give the Q-140 strength, durability and weather-resistance, without adding too much weight.

So what do consumers think of the Weber 522001 Q-140? Well, this electric grill has earned nearly perfect 5-stars across the board for handling even the most challenging applications, like grilling thick steaks, yet remaining extremely easy to clean up after. In fact, it has been consistently referred to as the “perfect” apartment grill. Indeed, the only negative remarks we could find were that this model is rather pricey and that its grilling area could be larger.

In our view, if you don’t have a large family or need it to feed large dinner parties, the Weber 522001 Q-140 Portable 189-Square-Inch Electric Grill does in fact appear to be the “perfect” apartment or condo grill in that it’s very well-built and grills food nearly as well as a traditional grill, without producing fumes, needing fuel, or requiring tedious maintenance. And if you like the Q-140 but need some extra grilling space, the 280-square inch Q-240 offers the same quality with a larger capacity.

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