Waste King H711-U-SN Review


Hot water dispensers are a wonderful addition to the modern kitchen. But if you decide to buy one, go for a high quality unit, like the Waste King H711-U-SN Coronado Hot Water Dispenser.

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Heating water with a kettle takes lots of time and typically uses more electricity and water than is necessary, since you often heat more water than you need.  In addition to being slow and causing waste, having a kettle or other counter top water heating appliance can be dangerous, and easily fall to the floor, especially if young ones are about.

Given these considerations, more and more people are installing hot water dispensers in the home.  Hot water is always available when needed; it’s ready almost instantly; and the only thing that is visible on the surface of your kitchen is a slim faucet that does not add clutter or bulk to the kitchen.

As far as finding the right model, it definitely pays to go with a high-quality unit.  One unit that we are very fond of in particular for being well-built and affordable is the Waste King H711-U-SN Coronado Hot Water Dispenser.

The Waste King H711-U-SN is a true workhorse of a water dispenser.  It uses a powerful 1,300 watt boiler that produces up to 100 cups of near boiling hot water per hour. In fact, users who bought the H711-U-SN as a replacement dispenser typically notice immediately the superior heating capacity of this model compared to their former dispenser.  Accordingly, this unit is ideal to make soups, hot chocolate, brew teas and coffee, sterilize kitchen utensils, and for many other uses.

Another thing that users notice with the Waste King H711-U-SN is its superior design and construction.  For example, many other hot water dispensers use chrome plated plastics and other low-cost materials and tubing/fittings where possible. In contrast, the Waste King H711-U-SN is composed of metal parts and uses braided metal lines and metal compression fittings to ensure a long life and durability.

Finally, the hot water dispenser faucet that comes with this unit is also top-notch and uses an attractive, all-metal design.  As a result, not only does it look good, it will last and resist wear for many years of routine use.

At HGT, we are firm believers in the benefits of hot water dispensers.  And in our view, the best model out on the market today for the price is the Waste King H711-U-SN Coronado Hot Water Dispenser.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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