Utica Cutlery Kutmaster 3566 Review

Kutmaster 3566 UticaMulti-tools are a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one during the holidays. But if you are going to buy one, it pays to go for home-grown quality, like the American-made Kutmaster 3566 Utica Cutlery Kutmaster 17 Function Multimaster Needle Nose Multi Tool.

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Multi-tools are everywhere these days, for good reason.  A high-quality multi-tool is perfect to carry on the go or for the home owner who is constantly undertaking home-improvement projects.  Indeed, many of us who have large tool sets often will first seek out these handy multi-tools to save time on small or impromptu jobs.

Of course, not all multi-tools are created equal.  In fact, the vast majority of the models that one typically encounters in sporting goods/department stores are made of inferior materials.  Often times, these tools come with flash colors or gimmicky features to obscure the fact that their basic design is lacking in quality and durability.

One multi-tool manufacturer that we like for combining high-quality and affordability is Utica, a well-known maker of premium knives and cutlery.  Among its exciting multi-tool line is the new Cutlery Kutmaster 3566 17 Function Multimaster Needle Nose Multi Tool.

The Kutmaster 3566 comes with 17 tools and a design that sets it apart from other multi-tools.  For example, this model uses safety lock blades, which ensure that the tools/knives do not fold back on your hand when in use.  In addition, rather than the typical fold-out screwdrivers, the 3566 uses non-collapsing screwdriver bits that fit into a recessed, magnetic sold handle.

The 3566 multi-tool is equipped with four single headed, ¼-inch slotted and Phillips screwdriver bits, a ¼-inch drive adapter, needle-nose pliers a wire cutter, a gripprt, course and fine files, a wave edge Sheepfoot Blade, a Metric/American ruler, a saw blade, clip blade, can opener and lanyard hole.  In addition, the Kutmaster 3566 uses an ergonomic handle design that makes this tool feel very comfortable to grip.

Overall, we really like the Kutmaster 3566 Utica Cutlery Kutmaster 17 Function Multimaster Needle Nose Multi Tool.  What’s not to like?  It comes with great features and is made right here in the USA by one of the most respected names in the cutlery industry. Furthermore, it’s super affordable.  In fact, as of this very moment it’s selling for less than $50, making it a perfect stocking-stuffer!    Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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