Uniden UDS655 Review

uniden uds655If you are looking for a great little home surveillance package that’s packed with modern features, is very affordable and extremely user friendly, then take a look at the Uniden UDS655 7-Inch Video Surveillance with 2 Outdoor Cameras and 4GB MicroSD Card.  For details on this system and what we think about it, please keep on reading.

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The UDS655 is one of Uniden’s latest wireless home security wireless systems, and it does not disappoint. Let’s take a look at exactly what you get with this package.

This system uses a 7” portable monitor that delivers a high resolution (800 x 480) color picture that is very good. Moreover, the icon-based screen navigation system is intuitively laid out and easy to follow. The monitor is fitted with a lithium battery pack that has a roughly 3.5 hour runtime.

Another nice aspect of the monitor is the split screen viewing capability, which lets you view both cameras simultaneously – or up to four cameras at once if you decide to expand.

Uniden UDS655The two cameras that come with this package are very solid. First off, they are all-weather models that have an IP66 rating, which means they can withstand dust/water and generally tolerate the elements much better than your average cam. But not only do they hold up well outdoors, they perform well too – capturing and transmitting footage up to 500 feet away.

These cameras are also equipped with other interesting features that we often see in the higher-tier models, like night vision rated to 40 feet in complete darkness; an “IR” cut filter, which removes infrared color distortion during daytime viewing to produce a more accurate color picture; digital zoom; motion detection, so you can begin recording when something of interest happens; and scheduled and manual recording. The cameras also have a microphone built in as well for grabbing audio.

ScreenHunter_11 May. 08 20.53With the included 4GB microSD card, this system can record up to 40 hours of video/audio.

And like previous models, the UDS655 offers fantastic remote connectivity. You can connect to the system via your Android, iPhone, iPad or personal computer, and watch video from virtually anywhere. You can also set it to record remotely to your PC’s hard drive.

Overall, there is not much to dislike about this set up. The Uniden UDS655 comes with two high quality all-weather cameras with high end-features; a nice 7” video monitor; a long record time; and great remote connectivity. Moreover, you can easily expand up to 4 cameras for extra coverage around the home. Finally, all of this comes in a system that is currently selling for less than $300 – a pretty good deal in our book.

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