Uniden Guardian G755 Surveillance System Review


The Uniden Guardian G755 Advanced Wireless 7-Inch Screen Video Surveillance System is a great new plug and play model that provides good quality video, easy web- connectivity and solid performance for its affordable price.

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Home surveillance systems have become more popular given the improvement of camera and DVR technology over the last few years, and now a home owner or small business can easily begin to take control over home security. Among the newer systems to hit the market recently is the Uniden Guardian G755 Surveillance System.

The G755 is a complete surveillance system, and comes with a portable 7-inch high-resolution color touchscreen and two all-weather cameras, which can be expanded to four cameras if desired. Notably, each of the cameras record video simultaneously and live video from each can be viewed simultaneously with a convenient split-screen function. The cameras are equipped with infrared LEDs that provide night vision capability to capture video up to a distance of 40 feet in complete darkness.  Each camera can record directly to the 4 GB SD card included with the unit.    The G755 uses a wireless 2.4 GHz digital frequency that delivers a secure and reliable connection, free from interference up to a distance of 500 feet.

Further, you can plug the G755 into a router and connect to the Internet, and with free software for your iPhone or Android, you can view live video from any of the cameras from anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Likewise, you can view live video from any web-connected PC through the UnidenVideo portal website, and also record live directly to the hard drive of your computer.

This is a great little plug and play surveillance system, which is easy to set up and provides good picture quality and easy connectivity for smartphones.  Indeed, purchasers are giving this system very high marks for its split-screen camera viewing function, being user friendly, delivering great video and night vision, and having an easy web application for handheld devices. Moreover, it’s very affordable compared to other systems in its class.  In conclusion, we find the Uniden Guardian G755 Surveillance System to be a solid buy for anyone considering getting into home surveillance.

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