TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop With a View Review

TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop with a View

Chicken Coop With a View

If you have a little space and are intrepid enough to try out keeping chickens in the backyard, a small but solid little kit to get you started is the TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop with a View. For more information this kit and what it’s all about, please continue on reading.

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The benefits of keeping your own chickens are several. A few hens can produce a relative steady stream of eggs that are most likely fresher than any you’re likely to encounter in a grocery store. Chickens can make use of table scraps and other foodstuffs that might otherwise simply be thrown out, and their droppings are an excellent source of fertilizer and can be used, along with compost, to promote lush plant growth without the need for synthetic nitrogen fertilizers. Finally, they can be quite charming little additions to the yard, and serve to provide a valuable lesson to friends and family about sustainable food and responsible livestock husbandry.

Well, assuming you have a little space and are ready to start, the only thing you need next is a coop. Although many determined DIY types may set off to build their own, there are many good kits out there that are scarcely more than the cost of the raw materials necessary to build one from scratch – for example, like the TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop with a View.

The Coop With a View is a small model that is sufficient for only a couple standard-sized hens or at most 4 bantam chickens (a smaller chicken variety), but is sufficient for entry-level chicken farmers. If anything, we always recommend that you err on keeping fewer chickens when in doubt, at least until your chicken keeping skills have progressed. Overcrowding is not good for you or the chickens.

This little coop is very sturdy once put together and comes with secure latches, tight-fitting seams, and an overall solid, high-quality feel. Further, it uses a fine screening material that prevents unwanted bunk mates (e.g., snakes) that are also fond of fresh chicken eggs. In addition, the two-story design, shaded nesting box and open run area provides just what chickens need – some leg room and privacy for consistent egg-laying.

With its high-grade materials and intelligent layout, it’s not surprising that the TRIXIE Pet Products Chicken Coop With a View is getting consistent 5-star reviews by “fledgling” backyard chicken farmers. Indeed, the only negative comment we could find is that the assembly instructions could be a little more helpful.

Overall, we at HGT are big fans of the backyard food movement, and highly recommend the Chicken Coop With a View to any budding backyard chicken farmer as part of an easy, fun and sensible way to incorporate keeping chickens into your self-sustainable lifestyle. This kit uses quality materials; has a nice two-story layout with a protected nesting box; comes with fine-gauge screening; and is compact, yet big enough for entry-level poultry-keepers.

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