Toyotomi TAD-T40LW Review

Toyotomi TAD-T40LWIt may not impressive you with its looks, nor is it one of the more well-promoted models out there. However, in terms of quality, dual hose cooling efficiency, heat pump technology and overall price, the Toyotomi TAD-T40LW 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump is one of our favorite portable ACs right now. Please read on for much more information and our candid take on exactly what makes this unit an unusually good buy.

Toyotomi TAD-T40LW Specifications

14,000 BTUs of Cooling Power:  With this many BTUs, you can theoretically cool a room that’s up to 700 square feet, although this would be a room with virtually no “heat factors” as we call them – i.e., things that add load to the unit, such as heat from large, sunny windows, a high ceiling, equipment that generates heat (e.g., server room, kitchen appliances, etc.) or poor or absent room insulation. A more realistic maximum coverage area for a typical room in the home is therefore probably closer to around 500 square feet.

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11,000 BTUs of Heating Power:  This unit not only cools, but comes with a very efficient 11,000 BTU heat pump built-in. In case you haven’t noticed, combination portable ACs/heat pumps (when available) are growing in popularity, and for good reason. Heat pumps are probably the most efficient way to heat a space, and are a logical add on to a portable AC unit. However, many manufacturers are trying to take advantage of this trend by using much cheaper to build (but far less efficient) space heating elements to produce heat, rather than incorporating actual heat pumps, so beware.

Dual Hose Design: We just love dual hose units for their superior cooling speed and efficiency. Unlike single hose exhausts, dual hose models have a dedicated compressor cooling loop that uses and vents outdoor air, rather than pulling and venting some of your cooled indoor air, which not only “wastes” cooled air outright, but then creates a negative room pressure that sucks in more hot air from outside.

In addition,  due to it’s dual hose design, Toyotomi reports that this model can cool a room more than 2 times faster than a similarly rated single hose system.

Auto-Evaporation Drain System:  The TAD-T40LW comes with a modern auto or “self” evaporating condensate system that works by drying up condensate faster than it can accumulate. The result is that 99% of the time you will not need to ever manually drain condensate when cooling your room. Nevertheless, as is the case with all such systems, very high humidity interferes with this process and condensate may still collect and require manual draining.

Great Energy Efficiency: This model’s Energy Efficiency Ratio (“EER”) – the efficiency standard for air conditioners – is a 10.0. Standing alone, this a great score from any perspective and is at the higher end of the typical range for most air conditioners (8.5 – 10.8). Moreover, this high EER is further complemented by this unit’s dual hose design, which makes this air conditioner extremely efficient overall.

Price & Value

14000 BTU models with real heat pumps are not cheap, but at it’s current price of around $600, the TAD-T40LW is either comparable to, or at best only marginally more expensive, than most other 14000 BTU portable air conditioners that don’t have any heat pump at all – or are single hose units with far less efficiency. As a result, this model packs outstanding value in our view.

Toyotomi TAD-T40LW Reviews

As of the date of this writing, the TAD-T40LW is currently averaging an average of 5 out of 5 stars on – and we are not surprised!

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Toyotomi TAD-T40LWConclusion

The TAD-T40LW easily earns 5-stars from us for its great cooling power, real heat pump, dual hose design, high EER, modern features and overall great value. Indeed, apart from it’s rather plain-Jane look, this is a real standout in the market right now and is one of our favorite combination AC units/heater, next to the NewAir AC12000H.

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