The Singing Machine iSM-990 Review

The Singing Machine iSM-990The Singing Machine iSM-990 Karaoke Player allows you to dock your iPod, iPad or iPhone to instantly get the party started with this all-in-one karaoke player. Read on to see what makes this a great buy.

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A Karaoke party is one of those things that many people are reluctant to participate in, but once they do, have tons of fun. We can all remember parties that went from 0-60 mph on the laughter-meter once the singing starts.

Of course, not all of us have perfect pitch or can be contenders as the next American Idol; however, who needs skill?  Today, there are karaoke players with gadgetry that can make you sound like a pro – although probably no less funny to your family and friends.

One Karaoke player that we give very high marks for boasting modern technology and being compatible with Apple products is the hot new Singing Machine iSM-990 Karaoke Player.

The iSM-990 Karaoke Player hooks up easily to your iPad, iPhone or iPod. As such, you can immediately connect to your very own Karaoke playlist with no fuss.  And with its rotating docking station, you can spin it to read in either portrait or landscape mode.

Further, with its integrated technology, you can take advantage of all of your karaoke apps.  You can also enjoy the iSM-9900’s very powerful singing features. For example, you can connect the unit’s (2) microphones and start adjusting echo and balance, pitch and digital key control to make you sing like a star.  The player uses powerful built-in speakers that are surprisingly crisp, so you can be sure everyone will be able to enjoy each note.  This model is equipped to play audio CDs, mp3s, CD+gs and mp3+gs.

Quite simply, we at HGT love the Singing Machine iSM-990 Karaoke Player.  What’s not to love? With its integration with the iPad/iPod/iPhone, quality speakers, dual microphones and key audio adjustment controls, this little player is loaded with advanced features, and is perfect for immediately turning any party or home gathering into a truly hilarious, memorable event.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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