Teeter Hang Ups FIT-200 w/ FitFlex Bed Review

Teeter Hang Ups FIT-200 Inversion Table with FitFlex BedIf you suffer from back pain and are looking for a sturdy and reliable inversion table you can trust, then look no further than the Teeter Hang Ups FIT-200 Inversion Table with FitFlex Bed.  Read on to see why this model is an excellent choice.

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Back pain, and lower back pain in particular, is a problem for countless people around the world. Indeed, it seems as though back pain is only becoming worse as our society grows more industrialized and sedentary. Sitting for hours behind desks, often with poor posture, is unfortunately a fact of life for many of us. However, it comes with a price – chronic, often severe back pain.

Rather than keeping a chiropractor on speed dial, many people suffering from back and other joint pain have turned towards inversion tables as a longer term and more cost effective solution. Regular use of a good inversion table can decompress and lengthen your spine, rehydrate & align vertebral discs, and relax and lengthen various other muscles in the body that become tense and compressed during the day.  In addition, with certain higher-quality inversion tables, more efficient workouts can be performed while inverted, such as abdominal and leg/glute workouts.

Among the various makes/models that the consumer is bombarded with today, one that we really like for being very high-quality and coming it at a relative bargain is the Teeter Hang Ups FIT-200 Inversion Table with FitFlex Bed.

The FIT-200 is UL listed for safety – an accolade only Teeter has achieved. Moreover, it comes with Teeter’s innovative FitFlexTM bed, which is designed to enhance your comfort and maximize spinal decompression & realignment.

The FIT-200 also uses a sturdy base construction that won’t wobble or falter. In fact, this inversion table has a secure lock-out feature to support various inverted exercises.  And when not in use, you can fold the FIT-200 to free up room in the home.

Finally, assembly of this inversion table is quite straightforward, and the video tutorial is excellent. As such, you won’t need a minor in mechanical engineering to get this table together quickly right out of the box.

We cannot think of any discernible drawbacks of the Hang Ups FIT-200 – it comes with Teeter’s legendary durability and construction; it uses a cutting edge bed design for maximum comfort; it supports inverted workouts; and it’s surprisingly affordable relative to other inversion tables, which generally do not come with this level of craftsmanship. Accordingly, we recommend the Teeter Hang Ups FIT-200 Inversion Table with FitFlex Bed to anyone interested in the benefits of inversion therapy.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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