Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression Machine Review

Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine


Traditional inversion tables are great, but many prefer the additional comfort and freedom of movement offered by an alternative design, like the very popular Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine. For more details about this new breed of inversion therapy machine by Teeter, please read on.

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If you have ever tried inversion therapy, you will probably agree that one of the biggest drawbacks of these machines’ design is the often uncomfortable stress that’s placed on your ankles, from which you are held in place. Thus, even with the most comfortable ankle locking designs, there is nearly always some inherent discomfort when using inversion tables, especially if you tend to fully invert, or invert for extended periods.

Another disadvantage of the typical inversion table is that your movement is necessarily limited by the back rest.  Consequently, they are not always the best option for those that want to exercise, or engage in vigorous stretching, while inverted.

Well, neither of these issues are present with the Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine.  The Dex II is designed to put the body into a fixed 90/90 degree angle position that is ideal for decompressing vertebrae, without stressing the ankles.  This is because the Dex II suspends you not from your ankles but rather from beneath your knees, thereby distributing your weight on the larger hip joints and legs instead, for a more comfortable inversion experience.

Furthermore, because there is no back support, the Teeter Hang Ups Dex II permits a fuller range of movements, which is critical for taking advantage of back-extending exercises and more advanced stretching routines.

In addition, this lack of a backrest makes the Dex II is somewhat smaller and easier to store than a typical inversion table, while still remaining very solid and safe to use, even for larger, heavier individuals. Nevertheless, this inversion machine is not suitable for those weighing more than 300 pounds or more than 6 feet 6 inches in height.

Overall, we are big fans of Teeter inversion tables, and the Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression Machine is no exception. In our estimation, however, this model is even more exciting than other Teeter options we have seen lately due to its greater versatility and more user-friendly, compact and comfortable design.

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