Technivorm 9540 Moccamaster Coffee Maker Review

Technivorm 9540 Moccamaster Coffee Maker


Coffee drinkers take notice – the highly-acclaimed Technivorm 9540 Moccamaster Coffee Maker offers some of the highest quality technology available, with a no-frills design that focuses on the most important brewing technology, rather than flashy gadgetry.  Please read on for more details about this elegant and premium coffee maker.

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Among coffee maker manufacturers, there are few that enjoy the almost cult-like following that Technivorm does.  And although you may not have heard of it, this is a very well-respected company based in the Netherlands that has been in the coffee maker business for more than 40 years – and it shows.

The Technivorm 9540 Moccamaster Coffee Maker is yet another excellent example of Technivorm’s exceptional handmade brewers.  This model uses the Moccamaster KBGT 741, which is in fact an upgrade of the KBT predecessor. Among other things, the newer KBGT 741 now features an automatic brewing basket and an automatic shut off.

As usual, the 9540 Moccamaster comes with the ultra-high quality design and construction that has made Technivorm legendary. For example, unlike your typical brew machine, the 9540 Moccamaster brews coffee at the proper temperature of approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  And once the coffee is made, it keeps it hovering around a toasty 180 degrees Fahrenheit, all of which comports with the exacting standards set by the international coffee brewing community (i.e., the ECBC/SCAE/SCAA).

The 9540 Moccamaster has a 1.25 liter capacity and uses a stainless steel insulated carafe that is stylish, durable and retains heat very well. Moreover, the advanced copper boiling elements in the brew housing get the coffee started quickly, with a brew time of roughly 5 minutes.  And when it brews, the Moccamaster does so very efficiently, by passing hot water through a 9-hole configuration spray arm that more effectively covers the coffee grounds. The result is a more even brew that maximizes taste with less waste of grounds.

Additional features of the 9540 Moccamaster KGBT 741 are a high-quality hotplate with automatic temperature adjustment; durable aluminum brew housing; clear water tank with easy to read visual measurements; and a heating element safety guard.

Indeed, while you can find many other coffee makers on the market in this price range that come with various smart controls and seductive LCD displays, the Technivorm 9540 Moccamaster Coffee Maker is hard to beat in terms of high-quality, core coffee brewing technology. As such, 9540 Moccamaster is definitely aimed at the most demanding coffee purist, who is concerned most with durability, quality and perfectly-brewed coffee.

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