Swann SWDVK-830008-US Surveillance System Review

The Swann swdvk-830008-us Surveillance System, that comes with a DVR8-3000 TruBlue 8 Channel D1 Digital Video Recorder and 8 x PRO-530/600TVL Cameras, is a very easy and affordable way to monitor your home or business in high resolution, 24 hours a day.

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Home surveillance is becoming more and more popular given the peace of mind that can be obtained by knowing that you are taking control of your own home or small business’ security.  Moreover, the DVR technology and surveillance cameras available today are far more advanced and affordable than they were just a few years ago. As a result, without too much investment, you can purchase a complete system that can deliver high-resolution video of key areas around the home or business, with night vision capability, for a relative bargain.  Nevertheless, it still pays to do your homework, and buy a high-quality unit that can be expanded if necessary.

Among the various manufacturers and kits out there today, we at HGT like the Swann models and, in particular, are fond of the Swann swdvk-830008-us Surveillance System, which utilizes Swann’s expandable DVR8-3000 TruBlue 8 Channel D1 Digital Video Recorder and 8 PRO-530/600TVL cameras.  This is a very powerful set up, and boasts solid specifications.

The 600TVL cameras with this unit produce high-resolution, color video up to 65 feet and use infrared night vision.  The DVR unit has 8 channels that can be set to record continuously for 30 days or longer via motion detection.  And the video is stored on an impressive 1TB hard drive.  In addition, the whole package can be set up easily with a Swann customizable network configuration. Further, you can monitor your home or business via live feeds with virtually any 3G/4G-enabled smartphone, tablet, or similar device.

We at HGT love the new home surveillance technology that is available today and believe that that the Swann SWDVK-830008-US Surveillance System is a great buy.  It comes with all of the features we look for in a home surveillance kit:  a high-quality, 8 channel DVR unit with 1TB of storage, 8 high-resolution cameras with night vision, easy set up, and the capacity to feed video to hand-held /portable smart devices for real-time monitoring.

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