Summit CR2110 Electric Cooktop Review

Cooktops do not have to be boring. The Summit CR2110 two-burner cooktop is a compact, powerful and undeniably sleek model that offers a level of style and performance that sets it apart from others in its class.

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Electric cooktops are a great way to add style and functionality to your kitchen without taking up lots of space in the process.  Moreover, given the advancements in technology, the newer models heat foods/liquids incredibly fast – it’s like cooking with gas, but without the headache and odor of gas.  Among the new cooktop units that have been gaining in popularity is the S Summit CR2110 Smoothtop Electric Cooktop.  Based on our review, there is good reason for this popularity.

The specs on the CR2100 are impressive. It comes with two, 6-inch diameter burners powered by two German-engineered 1,200 watt radiant heating elements; it has convenient push-to-turn controls that avoid accidental turning on of the range; it has a residual heat indicator that prevents accidental burns by letting you know when the burners remain too hot to touch after they are turned off; and its compact, fitting counter cutouts that are only 11 1/8 inches wide and 19 1/8 inches long.

In addition to its impressive operating features, the Summit CR2110 comes in an super-stylish and contemporary design.  The cooktop is made from jet-black Eurokera ceramic glass that is silky-smooth and adds instant class to any kitchen area.  It also makes for quick and easy clean up as well.

Summit cooktops are widely known as some of the finest made, and the Summit CR2110 model represents the cutting edge of the Summit line:  it has premium heating elements; it comes with important safety features; and it is encased in a sexy black ceramic glass finish that will add a modern look to virtually any kitchen space.

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