Stanley G5000S 5000w Generator Review

Stanley G5000S


The Stanley G5000S 5000 Watt 270cc 10 HP OHV All Weather Portable Gas-Powered Generator comes with a unique weatherproof design and a fantastically long runtime. If you are in the market for an innovative new portable generator model made by one of the most trusted and oldest names in home improvement, please read on.

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You don’t have to be an avid news watcher to know that weather all around the globe has become less predictable and more extreme.  And, unfortunately, this trend has resulted in more and more people sitting in the dark, often for long periods of time.

A logical way to mitigate Mother Nature’s wrath to some degree is to be prepared with backup power.  Portable gas generators are a particularly handy way to provide this considering they need no installation and can be moved around in the event you need power for other applications, such as camping or working at remote job sites.

At HGT we see a lot of rather “fair” portable generators come and go; however, among the newer models to catch our attention for combining quality and very innovative features – is the Stanley G5000S 5000 Watt 270cc 10 HP OHV All Weather Portable Gas-Powered Generator.

What’s so special about this model?  Well, in addition to its impressive 5,000 running watt / 6,000 surge (or starting) watt output sufficient to run heavy appliances, beefy 10 HP 270 cc engine and full power panel including 120v and 240v outlets, this model is weatherproof.  This all-weather design means that you can run this puppy outdoors without protection in a deluge or blizzard without fear of water seeping into and shorting its circuitry or interfering with its carburetion. The advantage of this weatherproofing cannot be overstated.

In addition to this unique all-weather design, the Stanley G5000S is also a clear standout among its peers in terms of running time. We generally see good portable models with run times of anywhere from 10-14 hours or so when used at half-load. However, with its efficient power generation and large 12-gallon gas tank, the G5000S can run at half-load for up to 24 hours on a single fill!  This is simply outstanding, and allows you to keep your key appliances running overnight, without having to get up and top off the tank.

Finally, the durability and quality construction of this model’s components are top notch, which is not surprising given that it’s made by Stanley – one of the oldest and most respected U.S. tool/appliance manufacturers there is.

Overall, we cannot think of anything we don’t like about the Stanley G5000S 5000 Watt 270cc 10 HP OHV All Weather Portable Gas-Powered Generator – its powerful, can run exposed to the harshest of weather, has one of the longest run times we have ever seen, and is made by U.S. manufacturer with a legendary reputation.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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