Sportsman GEN7000LP Review

Liquid propane portable generators offer big advantages to gas. One great newer propane portable generator that has great power and is very easy to use is the Sportsman GEN7000LP 7000-Watt 13 HP OHV Propane Powered Portable Generator.

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Having your own power source is critically important for many of us who live or work off the grid. In addition, even if you are on the grid, it is wise to have back up power in the event of the inevitable power failure or shortage. Fortunately, there are many portable generator units available; however, picking the right one is not always clear.

Among the 6000/7000 watt units on the market, which are a good choice for those interested in supporting certain heavy home appliances, one must then decide whether to go gas or liquid propane. Liquid propane is becoming more and more popular given its advantages over gasoline, which include propane’s extremely long shelf life, ease of transport, its much cleaner burning nature that produces little toxic carbon monoxide and far less hydrocarbon pollutants, and the fact that it does not readily foul carburetors like gas does.

One popular and impressive newer liquid propane portable generator that we like is the Sportsman GEN7000LP. This model uses a 13 horsepower, 4-stroke OHV engine that can produce 7,000 surge watts and 6,000 running watts. With this output, the GEN7000LP can easily power heavy appliances and construction tools. Moreover, it can be fueled very easily by connecting the included 5-foot regulator hose to any standard gas grill type liquid propane gas tank.

Among the unit’s other notable features are its automatic voltage regulation, low oil shutoff, engine shut off and overload protected outlets. The power panel on the GEN7000LP is complete, with four 120 volt outlets, a 12 volt DC outlet for battery charging, and a 120/240 volt outlet. The engine can be started via recoil start, or a motorcycle battery can be installed to activate its electric start feature.

Overall, the Sportsman GEN7000LP is powerful and very easy to use liquid propane portable generator that has lots of advanced features, and can run large household appliances and power tools, or keep you very comfortable on your next camping trip. Indeed, the GEN7000LP is getting very high marks from purchasers thanks to its performance, durability and ease of use. In sum, it’s a very smart choice.

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