Speed Queen AWN542S 26” Top-Load Washer Review

Speed Queen AWN542S

Speed Queen AWN542S

When it comes to top loading washers, Speed Queen essentially wrote the book on them. For a great model that is getting 5-star reviews across the board, check out the Speed Queen AWN542S 26” 3.3 cu. ft Top-Load Washer. To see why we think this washer is a solid buy, please continue reading.

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It’s no overstatement to say that the name Speed Queen is synonymous with the very concept of the washing machine. Perhaps such recognition is due to this U.S. company’s long-standing history, which began in 1908 when two humble hardware owners/inventors combined their efforts to develop the first mechanized washing machine.

At any rate, with over 100 years of accumulated industry experience, Speed Queen knows how to build quality washers. Take for example the Speed Queen AWN542S 26” 3.3 cu. ft Top-Load Washer. This is yet another top-loading model that is getting rave reviews for its non-nonsense performance and reliability.

The AWN542S is not flashy by any means. In fact, it looks pretty much like any other basic top-loader. However, don’t let its understated looks deceive you. This washer is a workhorse that is built to last.

First off, its construction is second to none. No cheap parts here. The unit uses a large-capacity 3.3 cubic-foot stainless steel tub; porcelain steel draintub; durable cabinet; and heavy duty ½ HP motor.

In addition, it comes with important wash features you actually need, like an automatic balancing feature; bleach/fabric oftener dispenser; dual wash/spin speeds; adjustable water level selection; extra rinse switch; powerful agitation; fabric selection switch; and all the fill hoses you need to get started.

Moreover, the AWN542S has proven itself as an effective and reliable washer, as reflected by its virtually 5-star satisfaction ratings across the board. In particular, users report how powerful this machine is and how wonderfully simple it is to use.

Indeed, if you want a washer with a fancy backlit display and lots of other flashy gadgetry, this washer is not for you. But if what you seek is an extremely solid, no-frills powerful washer that is built to perform and last a very long time, then the Speed Queen AWN542S 26” Top-Load Washer is an excellent choice.

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