Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker Review

Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk MakerIf you are interested in making raw or cooked all-vegetable milks/soups from various types nuts, beans or seeds, be advised that the Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk and Soup Maker has been released and offers improvements on its insanely popular Soyajoy G3 predecessor. For more information about this new and improved milk and soup maker, please keep reading.

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The Soyajoy G3 was an incredible hit with the vegan milk/soup making community, receiving virtually perfect 5-star ratings that are unheard of in this niche. However, this is not surprising given its high-quality construction and unique ability to make hot or cold vegan milks from a variety of nuts, grains and legumes.

However, the new Soyajoy G4 Milk and Soup Maker is here and is promising key improvements on top of the wildly popular base design of the G3 – so what are they?

The Soyajoy G4 indeed has all of the features that made the G3 a rock-star, but now adds a more durable cooking and grinding chamber composed of ultra-high quality #304 surgical-grade stainless steel. This alone is a big upgrade in terms of design construction.

In addition, the G4 now has a larger 1.7 quart capacity; uses a 4th-generation filter-less bottom heating system for quick maintenance; and Perfect Grind technology, a grinding system which results more efficient milk extraction and therefore more milk produced with less waste.

Other interesting features and function of the Soyajoy G4 include its sophisticated microprocessor that commands five functions specifically designed for use with particular seeds, beans, grains or mixtures of them; an easy to clean all-steel construction; state-of-the-art heating elements designed to cook soy milk at temperatures over 200 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent milk deterioration from enzyme activity; various water, temperature and overflow indicators/sensors; and handy included accessories, such as a measure cup, product manual and cleaning tools.

Overall, like the G3, we think the Soyajoy G4 Milk and Soup Maker is an easy 5-star choice for anyone who enjoys making their own vegan milks or soups. If you already own the G3, the G4 is similar enough such that it would not be worth purchasing it as an upgrade. However, for first time Soyajoy purchasers, the G4 does manage to eclipse its predecessor and improve upon the G3’s already legendary popularity by adding a higher-quality surgical grade steel cooking/grinding chamber, slightly larger capacity, and an even more powerful and efficient grinding system. Moreover, at present, the G4 is selling for only slightly more than the G3, notwithstanding these advancements. Accordingly, if you are considering either, we would suggest spending a little more and going for the G4.

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