Sony Xperia ZL C6506 3G 4G LTE Review

Sony Xperia ZL C6506

Sony Xperia ZL C6506

The hotly anticipated Sony Xperia ZL is here and is promising a thinner, albeit slightly less robust design than its predecessor, the Xperia Z. For more information about this exciting new release from Sony, please keep reading.

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It was at the 2013 Consumer Electric Show (“CES”) that Sony first heralded the imminent release of the Sony Xperia ZL – a full HD (1920 x 1080) Android smarthphone with familiar touchscreen capability. Reportedly, the ZL was aimed at the slightly more budget conscious crowd, and indeed appears to be a significantly trimmer version of the Z, which lacks the glass backing and waterproofing. However, on the bright side, letting go of some of these design features has left the ZL thinner and lighter than the Z, but without compromising the 5-inch screen and full HD display.

In addition, for those interested in using their phone for on-the-go photography, the ZL is fitted with a 13 Megapixel camera with an image sensor that is reportedly the first to incorporate High-dynamic-range-imaging (“HDR”), which is a rather sophisticated methodology that is supposed to more realistically capture light intensity levels by using multiple exposures. Other notable features of the ZL are its 1.5 Ghz quad-core processor; 2 GB of RAM; television remote functionality for Bravia models; nimble touchscreen; and an unusually large display that makes up 75 percent of the entire front panel – that is a ton of screen.

Overall, it remains to be seen how well consumers react to the XL; however, if the success of the Z is any indication, we suspect this model’s less expensive, slimmer and proportionally larger-screen design will enjoy even greater popularity than that of its bulkier big brother.

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