Sony HTCT260 Review

To bring alive the audio of your HDTV, modern sound bar systems are a good way to go, and are much easier to deal with than component systems. Among the exciting new models to become available is the powerful Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater System.

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A surround sound system can truly transform your TV watching experience, and bring your game-playing and music-listening to a whole new level as well. As far as choices, you could go with an expensive and bulky component system, which are usually a pain to install and leave a web of ugly wiring on your floor, or opt for the slim and low-profile sound bar systems that are revolutionizing home theater audio.

Take for example the hot new Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater System. This unit comes with cutting edge features and unusual power for its relatively affordable price.

The hexagonal 2.1 channel 300-watt sound bar easily fits any 40-inch HDTV or larger, and can be placed or wall-mounted virtually anywhere. And with its wireless subwoofer, this model can generate chest-pounding bass to make you believe that you are right in the thick of the action or live at the concert. The audio generated by the HTCT260 is expansive and clear, thanks to Sony’s S-Force Pro Front Surround technology and Dolby Digital Pro Logic II and DTS Digital Surround. The result is a rich, cinematic surround sound experience without all of the various speakers and wires otherwise required with a component system. Moreover, with built-in Bluetooth, you can wirelessly stream your favorite tunes from a smartphone, PC, tablet, music player or any other Bluetooth enabled device easily.

Finally, notwithstanding all of this juicy technology and performance, the HTCT260 Sound Bar System hooks up very simply. All you need to do is connect the included Digital Optical cable and mount the sound bar on any wall with two integrated keyhole mounts and you’re done. Thus, there is no need for brackets or any other installation accessories.

Overall, this is an impressive home theater audio system by Sony. It’s got a contemporary and slim design and is easy to install; it comes with a whopping 300 watts of total power and wireless subwoofer that will rattle your floors; it has Bluetooth capability to easily and wirelessly stream music; and it delivers expansive and deep surround sound. Indeed, users are already giving the Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar Home Theater System 5-star satisfaction ratings for its outstanding performance and value among other sound bar units in its class. We couldn’t agree more.

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