Sommer Direct Drive Garage Opener Review

Direct Drive Garage Door Opener 3-4 HP


If you are not looking for too much high-tech electronic gadgetry in your garage opener, then we suggest you go for the more basic, yet very high-quality and extraordinarily quiet Sommer Direct Drive Garage Opener.  Please continue reading for additional product details and information.

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Higher-end garage openers are coming out with more and more smart features, including motion sensors and anti-burglar systems, which is great. However, for many people who don’t care for or need any of these features, there are more basic, yet premium openers that focus their energies on improving core technologies, like higher-efficiency, quieter drive systems.  This precisely what Sommer has done with its ¾ HP Direct Drive Garage Opener.

The Sommer Direct Drive Opener does not greet you in four different languages when your enter the garage, nor does it come with other flashy smart features, but what it does it does well.

The main draw of this product is its self-proclaimed revolutionary direct drive system, which is tied to a ¾ HP motor. This drive system is reportedly the most quiet garage opening technology available. It’s also very low maintenance as well, considering that it requires no lubrication and there are fewer moving parts to fail and require replacement.

As far as high-tech, the Sommer Direct Drive Opener comes equipped with an obstacle-detection safety system. However, that’s pretty much it.

Reviews of the Direct Drive Opener are 5-star and glowing. In particular, users confirm that this opener is indeed extraordinarily quiet, performs well and is very reliable. In addition, users note how easy it is to install and use.

In our view, if you are not at all interested in the various smart features that are available in the newer openers – such as lighting control, anti-burglary, self-closure, etc., then the Sommer Direct Drive Opener is your best bet. This garage opener’s direct drive system is the quietest and lowest-maintenance design we’ve seen, and the overwhelmingly positive user reviews are a testament to this model’s performance and durability.

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