Solaxx CLG02A Saltron Chlorine Generator Review

Solaxx CLG02A Saltron Mini

Solaxx CLG02A Saltron Mini

Chlorine generators have been around for a long time now, and are the standard in pool/spa disinfection. However, generator units continue to improve and become more affordable – take for example the Solaxx CLG02A Saltron Mini Drop-in Salt Chlorine Generator for Swim Spas and Spas Up to 2000-gallons. To see what we think of this new chlorine generator, please continue reading.

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The Solaxx CLG02A uses very low levels of salt (~3,000 parts per million) to continually produce sufficient levels of chlorine in pools/spas up to 2,000 gallons in size. It does this through the process of electrolysis, which separates salt (typically sodium chloride) or sodium bromine to form hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite – it’s these two resulting acids that actually go about the process of disinfecting pool and spa water.

Compared with constantly dumping in chlorine tabs, a saltwater pool using a chlorine generator has a higher initial cost, but in the long run, is the most cost-effective and hassle-free way to maintain a pool or spa. Once set up in a properly pH-balanced pool, the Solaxx CLG02A can maintain optimal chlorine levels automatically, simply by recycling and reusing the existing salt in the pool. The result is that your pool/spa is constantly clean, clear and ready to use. Think about it. No more lugging around chlorine buckets or dealing with episodes of green or cloudy water requiring large water changes.

In addition, the Saltron Mini has other handy features designed for convenience, such as a programmable digital timer feature and LED indicators that can be used to adjust and easily monitor chlorine output.

Also noteworthy is the Mini’s anti-scaling feature. Typically, scale deposits are a common problem with chlorine generators. However, the Saltron Mini’s titanium electro-plates automatically reverse their polarity to avoid scale build up.

Finally, using this little generator could not be easier. In fact, there’s no plumbing involved at all. Moreover, because this unit does not require any connection with pumps or other equipment, it can function independently, regardless of whether any circulation pump is operating.

Overall, we believe that the Solaxx CLG02A Saltron Mini Drop-in Salt Chlorine Generator does exactly what it’s supposed to and does it very well:  it produces chlorine at a very low salt concentrations (which are technically below the level of human taste); has a very convenient anti-scaling feature; and can run independently, without any plumbing or other connections to pump/filtration equipment.

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