Sodastream SOURCE Metal Edition Starter Kit Review

Sodastream SOURCE Metal EditionEnjoy making your own sodas and sparkling water at home at a fraction of the cost of store-bought brands, and help reduce the needless accumulation of plastic soda bottles that litter our landfills with the Sodastream SOURCE Metal Edition Starter Kit.

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Hooked on sodas and/or sparkling water? Perhaps it’s the lure of the fizz  – or the sensation of CO2 bubbles as they glide down your throat. Well, as much as we can sympathize with this obsession, there are some drawbacks of going to the local grocery store to get your fix.

For starters, buying soda is expensive for routine drinkers. While each bottle may not cause sticker shock, when you add up your purchases over the course of a month, or year, it may startle you.

Further, store-bought sodas do not allow for any experimentation.  Indeed, it’s one size fits all as far as manufacturers are concerned.  As such, you cannot adjust carbonation or the amount/type of syrup/sweetener used.

Finally, buying soda from a store is wasteful. Our landfills are already overflowing with plastic waste, and considering how many bottles of soda that the typical drinker goes through each year, it makes little sense to contribute to this problem when you can easily reuse bottles at home.

As you may have guessed by now, the answer to these problems is to purchase your own soda machine.  As far as choices go, our hands-down favorite model right now is the new Sodastream SOURCE Metal Edition Starter Kit.

The Sodastream SOURCE Metal Addition Starter Kit is a cutting edge soda/sparkling water machine by a premier manufacturer.  The SOURCE Metal Addition is an improvement over precursor models by using a sleeker design, higher quality anodized aluminum materials, and a quick Snap-Lock feature that locks your bottle in place in a single, natural pushing motion.

In addition, customizing your preferred level of carbonation is made easier with an LED display that lets you know how much CO2 is being injected. This machine is also very quick, making a bottle of soda in about 30 seconds.

The Metal Addition Starter Kit comes with an anodized aluminum casing, a BPA-free carbonating bottle, a CO2 carbonator that is good for 60 liters of soda, and a variety pack of Sodcap flavors, including Lemon Lime, Diet Cola, Cola, Energy and Cherry. Each unit is backed by a 2 year limited warranty.

Overall, the Sodastream SOURCE Metal Edition Starter Kit is an excellent buy.  Although somewhat more expensive than other models, the Metal Edition is worth the extra cost when you consider its high-quality construction, contemporary design and intuitive bottle locking mechanism.  Indeed, the savings alone from making soda at home will more than pay for the price of this unit over the long run.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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