Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 Review

If you are looking for an electric snow thrower, but want one with enough power to cut a deep swath even in heavy snow, then the Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 13 Amp Electric Snow Blower may be just what you are looking for.

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Winter is already upon us. Now, for most of us in the U.S., we need to ensure that we have the right equipment for the inevitable snowfalls.  Today, you can chose between high-powered, yet heavy, gas snow throwers, or much lighter, but usually less powerful, electric models.  Indeed, if you are looking to clear very deep and very heavy snow, the horsepower of a gas-powered snow blower is still the best. Nevertheless, electric models keep coming out with more and more power, while maintaining their ease of use, zero emissions, superior maneuverability, and significantly lower maintenance costs.

Among this new class of electric snow blowers is the Snow Joe Ultra SJ620. This little 31-pound snow thrower packs big power for an electric – with its 13.5 amp motor that can cut a swath 18” wide and 10” deep in a pass, and then throw it 20 feet away from the unit.  This translates into a snow moving capacity of approximately 650 pounds of snow per minute – or an impressive 2,450 square feet of snow per hour.  Further, the scraper utilized by this unit is designed to clear snow down to the pavement. As such, it is intended to quickly clear walkways, patios, driveways, and other residential surfaces with very little fuss.

In addition to coming with exceptional power for an electric, this model comes with all of the other advantages associated with this type of unit – virtually no maintenance, no noxious fumes, no messy gas/oil, simple and easy start and operation, and a lightweight design that’s easy to move in and out of your home, shed or garage.  Nevertheless, again, these electric units do have limitations.  If need to clear very large areas, or expect lots of snowfall events with heavy, wet snow exceeding 12” in depth, we’d opt for a gas-model.

In sum, we at HGT really like the electric snow thrower/blower movement, and the Snow Joe Ultra SJ620 is just the type of model we like to see – a unit with lots of power, while maintaining its maneuverability and ease of use.  Consequently, we recommend the Ultra SJ620 for those seeking a relatively more powerful electric thrower, capable of handling light to moderate snowfall in residential areas.

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