Shun DMS444 4 pc. Block Set Review

Shun DMS444 4 pc. Block Set


Knives are not all created equal. For those who are willing to pay more for the highest quality and most elegant cutlery available, there is the Shun DMS444 4 pc. Block Set. Please continue reading to see what’s so special about this knife set.

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Clearly you can go into any department store and pick up a kitchen knife set that will do the job, and look reasonably good on your countertop. However, for many who take particular pride in their kitchen utensils and don’t want to settle for mediocrity, there is a whole other level of cutlery available that is in a caliber all by itself – for example, the Shun series DMS444 4 pc. Block Set.

Before you shriek with sticker shock, understand that these are collector-quality blades. Nor are these blades mass-produced. Shun is owned by Kai Corporation, a 100-year old Japanese company that has taken blade-making to a cultural art form, and Shun cutlery is hand-made by using the highest-grade materials available, and a notoriously pain-staking process that is reported to require at least 100 handcrafting steps before a knife is ready for sale.

The Shun DMS444 4 pc. Block Set comes with a 10-inch chef’s knife, 9-inch bread knife, 9-inch slicing knife and a bamboo wood block that comes with 11 slots in case you decide to expand your collection. Each knife uses Shun’s famous VG10 Damascus-clad and corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades with handles composed of ebony PakkaWood – a virtually indestructible inert wood composite that does not warp, discolor or wear. Further, each blade is carefully hand-sharpened with a double-bevel to attain an exceptionally-sharp cutting edge that you don’t want to be careless with!

Overall, we would recommend the Shun DMS444 4 pc. Block Set to anyone looking for not only for the highest-quality steel blades around, but also knives that are simply drop-dead gorgeous. Indeed, the natural flowing lines that are ground and then bead-blasted into the steel are something that you just cannot duplicate with any mass-produced technology.  As such, for a cutlery set that not only holds its edge and lasts longer – but also brings an unparalleled level of class and sophistication – the Shun DMS444 4 pc. Block Set is a natural choice.

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