Shop-Vac 4041100 Ash Vacuum Review

Shop-Vac 4041100 Ash Vacuum


For getting rid of ashes from your fire pit, barbeque or wood stove – safely and without causing a dust storm – we can think of no better purchase than the Shop-Vac 4041100 Ash Vacuum. Please read on for more details about this great specialty vac.

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During the cold months, we can all appreciate sitting around the fireplace or fire pit, or warming up next to a hot wood stove. In addition, who doesn’t appreciate charcoal-grilled meats and veggies, regardless of the season? Indeed, the only real downside to these activities is that someone needs to clean up all the ash that’s left over.

Anyone who has disposed ash knows very well how messy and potentially dangerous this stuff can be.  Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle any longer with masks or worry about blackening yourself and surroundings with messy soot, because the Shop-Vac 4041100 Ash Vacuum is here.

The Shop-Vac 4041100 Ash Vacuum is a hot new canister-type model that is specifically designed to suck up and remove ash material in a way that’s safe and hassle-free. The Ash Vacuum is equipped with a two-stage internal filter that uses a triple-layer wire mesh and a cutting-edge HEPA filter that is rated at 99.97 percent efficiency and can take down particles as small as 0.3 microns. As such, you don’t have to fear breathing in harmful particulate matter that can easily lodge in your lungs – or settle on and stain your surroundings. Further, the filter is easy to remove, wash and reuse.

In addition to coming with a state of the art filtration system, the Shop-Vac 4041100 is very well-built. It uses a bagless design that consists of a 5-gallon stainless steel tank and a powerful motor that will easily pull up and capture even heavy ash deposits.  And the four-foot hose equipped with a metal nozzle provides a safe, generous reach to get into the deepest and darkest recesses of your stove, fireplace or grill.

Overall, we at HGT are very pleased to see this release from Shop-Vac. All too often we hear of people trying to use their household vacuums to deal with spent ash, which is both dangerous and a great way to destroy your home vacuum. The Shop-Vac 4041100 Ash Vacuum, on the other hand, is built to safely and quickly handle ash – and make sure that you are protected in the process.

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