Shark NV400 Navigator Elite Review

Shark’s new NV400 Navigator Elite Professional Rotator packs huge technology – such as no loss of suction and a zero maintenance costs design – in an incredibly affordable unit.

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Shark has been busy delivering vacuum units that do not lose suction, similar to other much more highly-priced brands you are no doubt familiar with. Among Shark’s most recent models is the NV400 Navigator Elite Professional Rotator.  This is a slick vacuum that has incredible features that you would ordinarily pay twice as much for.

First, it comes with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology with HEPA filtration, which is reported to trap over 99.99% of dirt, dust and allergens inside the vacuum unit.  This feature is a huge bonus, particularly in light of the deleterious health affects that such fine particulate/allergens can have in the home. Second, this vacuum is equipped with sound-reduction technology that makes for very quiet operation.  Third, it utilizes a design that never loses suction. This feature alone normally comes at a much higher price.  Fourth, it has virtually no maintenance costs, as the filters and belt that come with the unit are intended for lifetime use. Fifth, it has a motorized brushroll that utilizes headlights for operation in dark corners or other dimly lit areas.  And sixth, it is user friendly with its lightweight construction, swivel steering, ergonomic handles, large bottom-empty dust receptacle, and 30-foot power cord.

Consumers are demanding more features from upright vacuums these days. And they are also pushing for greater value as well.  It was not long ago that the only choices for a vacuum that uses no-loss-of-suction technology were very expensive ones. Likewise, advanced filtration / HEPA systems and noise reduction also came at a premium price.  Shark, however, in its new NV400 Navigator Elite Professional Rotator, has brought this technology to the more budget conscious consumer.  It has virtually all of the cutting edge features that the bigger names do, without the large sticker price. As a result, we believe that this unit provides tremendous bang for your buck.

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