Shark Navigator NV500/NV501 Professional 3-in-1 Lift-Away Rotator Review

Shark Navigator Professional

Shark Navigator Professional NV500/NV501

Shark’s line of no-loss-of-suction upright cleaners are always among the most highly rated. Yet another high-quality option for combining power, versatility and affordability is the Shark Navigator NV500/NV501 Professional 3-in-1 Lift-Away Rotator that includes additional accessories. For more information about this new Shark model, please continue reading.

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When Shark burst onto the scene with its Navigator and Rotator Series, which provided a much less expensive, no-loss-of-suction alternative to other upright vacuums dominating the market at the time, people were necessarily skeptical.  However, the proof that these vacuums are for real is now evident in the very high satisfaction ratings (typically 4-5 star) received by these models. Such consistent praise across a deep product line is uncommon in our experience, and is a testament to the quality and value these vacuums provide.

Another new model we like for providing excellent bang for your buck is the Shark Navigator NV500/NV501 Professional 3-in-1 Lift-Away Rotator that comes with extra accessories.

Of course, the Shark Navigator NV500/NV501 comes with the cutting edge cyclonic technology that initially vaulted the brand into the spotlight. However, this model also comes with several additional features that you should be aware of.

First off, this model is equipped with a totally sealed High Efficiency Particulate Air (“HEPA”) filtration system that is designed to capture and retain nearly 100% of the very fine dust, dirt and allergens that can be kicked up while vacuuming. Having a modern HEPA filter on a vacuum is a great feature for any household, and is critical to those who suffer from allergies or other respiratory ailments.

In addition, the NV500/NV501 is lightweight, ultra-maneuverable and easy to use. It comes with enhanced swivel steering that permits it to pivot tightly around objects and duck under tight spaces in and around furniture. Further, with its Lift Away canister design, emptying the unit could not be simpler. Other great design features include a 30-foot power cord for excellent range; very quiet operation; and a high-quality motorized brushroll for deep cleaning carpeting.

And if this weren’t enough, thrown in with each purchase of this model are extra cleaning tools and accessories, including an appliance wand, back saver wand and convenient car detailing package.

Overall, like its other cyclonic upright vacuums, we think Shark’s Navigator NV500/NV501 Professional 3-in-1 Lift-Away Rotator is an extremely good buy:  it uses no-loss-of-suction technology; has an easy to use design; is light and very maneuverable; is fitted with a state-of-the-art air filter; operates quietly; and comes with a generous set of cleaning tools and additional accessories – all for a bargain compared to certain “other” cyclonic action uprights. What’s not to like?

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