Shark Navigator NP320 Lift Around Review

Shark Navigator NP320If you are looking for an inexpensive, ultra-portable and high-capacity canister vacuum that doesn’t lose suction, then the Shark Navigator NP320 Lift Around Portable Vac may just be the model you are looking for. Read on to see why we think this is a great buy.

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Shark has been on the forefront of vacuum technology lately, and continues to set the value bar extremely high by producing affordable, yet cutting-edge vacuums. Shark has now burst onto the canister vacuum scene with its new Shark Navigator NP320 Lift Around Portable Vac, which appears to be aimed at consumers who desire the portability of a hand-vac, but need the greater capacity and power of a canister model.

The NP320 Lift Around packs a ton of advanced features into a portable and inexpensive canister vacuum. Among other notable features, the NP320 Lift Around is equipped with the latest no-loss-of-suction technology; comes with a high quality sealed HEPA air purification system; uses an extra large and easy to empty dust receptacle; includes lifetime filters that never need replacement; and is extremely portable, weighing in at only 6 pounds.  In addition, each unit comes with great accessories, like premium tools, a floor cleaning kit and a pet power brush.

With its super lightweight design and strong suction power, we can easily see the Shark NP320 as being a particularly convenient go-to vacuum for virtually all day to day cleaning around the home.  Whereas full-sized canister vacs are powerful and have a large capacity, they are generally too bulky and heavy for daily use.  Likewise, while hand-vacs are very light, they often don’t generate sufficient suction or have a sufficiently large dust capacity.  In contrast, the NP320 combines extreme portability, power and a large waste receptacle, all in a single unit.

In a nutshell, with its ultra-portability, power, cutting edge no-loss-of-suction technology, high-capacity design, first-rate HEPA filtration and surprisingly affordable price, which is currently south of $150, the Shark Navigator NP320 Lift Around Portable Vac is a no-brainer excellent buy.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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