Sera Biotop Nano Cube 60 Review

Setting up a beautiful home aquarium can be easier than you think.  In fact, you can have a thriving fish tank in your home virtually instantly with the Sera Biotop Nano Cube 60 aquarium kit.

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Aquariums make some of the most impressive pieces of home décor.  However, many people are intimidated by the set up, or would prefer not to do the significant legwork of getting all of the necessary parts and accessories for a tank, piece by piece.  Indeed, it can often be confusing ensuring that various items purchased separately are properly sized or compatible when a tank is bought separately.

Well, for new or seasoned aquarium keepers alike, there is a hot new complete aquarium kit on the market by Sera, a well-respected manufacturer in the home aquarium industry – the Biotop Nano Cube 60.

The Biotop Nano Cube 60 is a polished-glass bow-front aquarium that is just under 16 gallons (60 liters) in size that comes with virtually everything you need to get a beautiful aquarium landscape up and running fairly instantly.  Specifically, this kit comes complete with lights, a 4-chamber internal filtration system that combines biological, chemical and mechanical filtration, a pump, a heater, and an innovative aquarium hood that allows you to adjust and fix the lid for easy feeding/maintenance access.

In addition to coming with all of the hardware you need to keep aquarium fish, this kit comes with Sera Filter BioStart, which avoids the typical “new tank syndrome” that normally causes massive casualties for new tank owners.  Sera Filter BiosStart contains active bacteria cultures that immediately colonize the filter media and provide the crucial biological filtration necessary to break down the toxic ammonia that all fish excrete as waste.  Typically, it requires two to four weeks after you add fish for this bacteria to naturally appear in a new filter, but with Sera BioStart, you can shortcut the process and begin adding fish without fearing massive initial losses from ammonia poisoning.  As always, however, it’s advisable to add fish very slowly, without stocking too many fish initially.

Overall, we think the Sera Biotop Nano Cube 60 is a great aquarium kit for those with or without experience keeping fish.  With a generous 15 gallon capacity, attractive bow-front design, inclusion of all of the necessary hardware like a high quality hood/filter combo, and the addition of Sera’s BioStart additive, you may be able to set up a beautiful and stocked fish tank on the very same day you open the package –  just add fish, water and you preferred aquarium decorations.   Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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