Sengoku CTN-110 Review

Kerosene heaters are a great, economical way to heat your home.  One newer model that is getting rave reviews is the Sengoku CTN-110 KeroHeat 10,000 BTU Portable Radiant Kerosene Heater.

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Space heaters are an ideal choice for people looking to warm rooms or their home without the installation of costly and/or energy inefficient heating systems, like baseboard or forced-air type heaters, for example.  However, there are many types of space heating systems to choose from, with their respective pros and cons. One very cost-effective and convenient choice is kerosene heat.

Kerosene has many advantages as a fuel for space heating applications.  First, it do not require any electrical source to fire up whatsoever, since it can ignite with just a spark.  Second, kerosene burns very cleanly and without odors, and can therefore be used for living spaces. Third, kerosene is inexpensive, has a long shelf life and does not require the addition of any preservatives or use of any special storage containers, other than approved sealed plastic/metal bottles. Fourth, because kerosene has a low evaporation rate compared to other fuels, it does not cause noxious volatile fumes.

Among the new and popular kerosene space heaters on the market today, we are fond of the Sengoku CTN-110 KeroHeat 10,000 BTU Portable Radiant Kerosene Heater.

The Sengoku CTN-110 is a solid kerosene space heater that has all of the features we typically look for.  The unit produces an impressive 10,000 BTUs of heat and creates a warm, attractive glow. It uses an automatic ignition system and flame adjustment feature that does not require any electrical source for firing.  It has important safety features, including an automatic shut off switch, tip-over switch and safety guard surrounding the burner.  And it has an ample 1.2 gallon fuel tank, which provides up to 14 hours of continuous heat on a single fill.

Moreover, purchasers of the Sengoku CTN-110 confirm that the unit is reliable, produces lots of heat and operates virtually odor free, so long as the wick is properly burned in as directed.  Further, they comment on this unit’s small size and easy portability.  It’s no wonder why this kerosene heater is receiving 5-star satisfaction ratings.  Here at HGT, we too give the CTN-110 high marks, and recommend it to anyone considering the many benefits of kerosene space heaters.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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