SecurityIng 9X CREE XM-L T6 LED Review

securityIng® 9X CREE XM-L T6 LED


If you are looking for an insanely bright flashlight for around the home, or anywhere else where you want to punish the darkness, check out the wildly popular SecurityIng® 9X CREE XM-L T6 LED 11000Lm LED Flashlight Torch + 3X 26650 Battery + Charger. Please read on for further details about this pure dynamite stick of a flashlight.

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LED technology has come a long way, and continues to improve, resulting in ever brighter, more powerful light diodes. And, on a separate track, lithium-ion batteries have propelled the personal electronics world, becoming continually more powerful and lightweight.  Although each of these technologies is a huge boon to the personal electronics industry in their own right, these two trends converge with particular force on the flashlight market.

The high-powered LED torches that are seemingly everywhere these days are nothing like your dad’s flashlight – these modern handhelds produce intensely bright light, yet are compact and light enough to be carried around easily. Indeed, this market shift has spawned a cult-like following of flashlight-addicts, who are eager for the latest and most powerful model.

Well, for sheer lumen power, we at HGT are particularly impressed by the new SecurityIng® 9X CREE XM-L T6 LED 11000Lm LED Flashlight Torch + 3X 26650 Battery + Charger.

The SecurityIng® 9X CREE XM-L is just plain ridiculously bright. With its cutting edge (9) CREE XM-L T6 light emitting diodes (“LEDs”) and 5000mAh rechargeable batteries, this roughly 1.5 pound hand-torch can generate a staggering 11,000 lumens. This is about as high a lumen rating as we’ve ever seen in a flashlight.

It’s really not possible to describe just how bright this is, particularly if you haven’t had other high-powered LED flashlights before. Rest assured though, this thing is so incredibly bright that it would temporarily blind you if it were just momentarily aimed at your face. In fact, this torch has been reported as being good for self-defense purposes precisely for this reason!

But not only does the SecurityIng® 9X CREE XM-L shine brighter than the rest, it’s also got a remarkably long running time with its advanced 26650 rechargeable batteries. Rather than simply working for minutes and then quickly dimming, this model is reported to blaze for hours on a full charge.  This is pretty much unheard of.

Nor is this some flimsy model; it’s well-built with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body and high-quality reflector that creates a very even light beam without annoying hotspots typical of most LED torches.

Finally, if all of this weren’t enough, the SecurityIng® 9X CREE XM-L is also relatively inexpensive for its long running time and class-leading lumen output. Quite simply, whether you are using it for around the home, self-defense, or hunting, camping or hiking purposes, we cannot think of another flashlight that delivers more blaze for the buck.

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