Samsung Xpress C460W Review

While color laser printers are still evolving, Samsung is clearly in the lead as far as innovative technology. An example of this bold spirit is the Samsung Xpress C460W Wireless Multifunction Color Laser Printer. This a very powerful, yet compact printer that is fairly priced considering how much get for your dollar….

1) True wireless color printing with mobile phone connectivity.

The Samsung Xpress C460W is made for mobile people. Whether you want to share or print media with your smartphone, this model can do it thanks to NFC technology that makes Wi-Fi control quick and intuitive. In fact, you can print just as easily as tapping on the printer. You can also avail yourself of Google Cloud Print, compatible with tablets, smartphones, laptop/desktops, etc.

2) Multi-tasking design.

With its 3-in-1 (print /copy /scan) multi-functionality, the Samsung C460W color laser printer is a turnkey office solution for those seeking practicality as well as performance. It also comes with a variety of useful settings, like a “Scan-to-email” function that keeps workflow moving quickly so that more pressing things can be attended to. In short, a great multi-tool for modern business.

3) User Friendliness

I have personally berated many otherwise capable printers for being overly complex. Not the Samsung Xpress C460W. This color laser printer is made with practicality in mind. For example, the ECO toner/energy saver is easily set with a push of the button, and things like multi-page prints, color/black and white settings, and other tweaks are simply laid out on the ergonomic control panel. Likewise, the EZ-Touch WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) Button lets you setup your wireless network seamlessly and quickly. Finally, USB access and data storage is integrated within the main interface, so no computers or cables are required.

4) Extremely Sharp, Vivid Prints

Let’s not forget the main function of a color laser print – bold, sharp prints. The C460W does this with stunning clarity, and in vivid color to boot.  You can set to print at 600 x 600 dpi  or up to 2,400 x 600 DPI, which is perfect when fine detail is desired. This quality is enhanced by Samsung’s ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Page) Technology, which works by optimizing focus of objects and text, while removing distracting white areas on the image.

But perhaps the most impressive improvement of print quality is obtained by Samsung’s Polymerized Toner – a type designed to use a much smaller, more consistently-sized particle that is reported to produce sharper outlines and richer, glossier colors. Furthermore, with its waxier coating, it’s supposed to minimize fading as well. Samsung Xpress C460W advanced toner.

5) Very Light on Toner

Considering how high tech this toner is, it’s a very good thing that the Xpress C460W is very easy on it. In fact, the savings obtained by the use of Samsung’s “Easy Eco Driver software” caused it to earn acclaim from the Buyers Laboratory (BLI) in 2012, which concluded that the feature resulted in savings of toner up to 20 percent. But not just toner is saved, the same technology also results in saved energy as well.

6) It’s Small, Really Small for a Color Printer

The way we’ve been going on about this printer may lead you to conclude that it’s big and heavy. You’d be wrong. On the contrary, it is remarkably small and compact, with dimensions of 16″ by 14,” which according to Samsung makes it the smallest color laser printer available.  Whether or not it still holds this title, however, is irrelevant – this is one very small printer that occupies scant desk space.

Concluding Thoughts on the Samsung Xpress C460W

I remember not too long ago when good laser color printing was just not attainable. That’s changed, and the Samsung C460W color laser printer is perhaps the best example of what they can be – powerful, compact, efficient and capable of prints that are true to life, with vibrant, rich colors and ultra-fine detail and sharpness. A great buy for those seeking ease of use and professional-looking color prints.

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