Samsung VCC88P0H1B Canister Vacuum Review

Samsung VCC88P0H1BSamsung’s brand new VCC88P0H1B Super TwinChamber Canister Vacuum comes with innovative design features that make you wonder why Samsung is not more widely known for their vacuum technology. Read on to see just what’s so special about the VCC88P0H1B.

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Samsung’s preeminence in the field of high-end home and personal electronics is widely-known around the world, but you may be surprised to learn that Samsung also makes top-notch vacuums too. And unsurprisingly, Samsung’s innovative design standards for its vacuum line are just as lofty as they are for its other appliances. Take for example the Samsung VCC88P0H1B Super TwinChamber Canister Vacuum.

The Samsung VCC88P0H1B is a hot new canister vacuum that is intended to compete with some of the most established names in the vacuum industry. The VCC88P0H1B does this by using advanced design features that are typically found in the elite brands, plus some others that are purely Samsung.

For example, like other good canister vacuums, the VCC88P0H1B uses a high quality sealed HEPA filtration system, which removes very fine dust particles and allergens that can cause or exacerbate respiratory problems.  However, Samsung also uses an innovative twin chamber receptacle design that separates up to 95.2 percent of the incoming dust before it even reaches the HEPA filter.  With this twin-chambered design, less fine dust reaches the HEPA filter at all, which reduces the wear on the filter and therefore extends its life.

Further, the VCC88P0H1B Super TwinChamber excels at picking up and holding lots of debris. With its 15-inch wide motorized PowerBrush and over-sized 2.5 liter bagless dust receptacle, this model lets you clean up first and dump much later – thereby allowing you to clean bigger jobs in a single pass.

The VCC88P0H1B also shines in terms of quiet performance. This model is reported to use an airflow design that has the benefit of reduced noise levels, which makes for a more pleasant and less disruptive cleaning experience for everyone.

Finally, despite its large dust-holding capacity and beefy parquet brush with 5 height adjustments, Samsung reports that the Super TwinChamber weighs only 13 pounds – making it a very light canister compared to others in this class.

Although we would not place this canister vacuum quite at the same level as the higher-end Miele models, it’s also far less expensive than those models.  Indeed, for its comparatively modest price, we like the Samsung VCC88P0H1B Super TwinChamber Canister Vacuum for packing in all of the premium features we expect in a top-tier canister vacuum, with some interesting new ones that we haven’t heard of.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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