Samsung SHS-3320 Digital Door Lock Review

Deadbolts have evolved. Rather than using a standard door lock, consider the newest US version of Samsung’s innovative digital door lock, the Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock SHS-3320 Universial Deadbolt.

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Digital door locks are becoming popular due to their convenience, modern appeal and heightened safety features.  Forget about lugging around a bunch of keys that bulge from your pockets or add bulk and weight to your purse. You can also forget about standing at your door for seemingly hours sorting through your key collection to find the right one.  Additionally, you don’t have to worry about making copies of keys that can get lost and intercepted by potential intruders.

One of the newest and most exciting digital door locks out there right now is the Samsung Ezon Digital Door Lock model SHS-3320 Universal Deadbolt.  This unit has impressive specifications that make it a standout from other digital lock models in its class.

It’s very durable, using a zinc-alloy lock casing and weatherproof, attractive black finish. It’s also very easy to install.  You can install this lock into virtually any existing door type and deadbolt hole, without additional modifications.  As far as unlocking it, you can use the pin pad entry or RFID card (i.e., a magnetic strip card, like an ATM or credit card) authentication.  In either case, this lock allows for up to 70 users – in case you operate a business or simply have lots of close friends or family!

In addition to providing a high-quality 70-mm deadbolt and multiple-user access, this unit has other notable features, including a built-in tamper proof alarm and fire detector, high voltage shock protection, automatic/manual locking modes, access override locking, fire-resistance, weather resistance, wide temperature tolerance (21F to 140F) and a 9V battery backup feature.

We like the new Samsung SHS-3320 Ezon Digital Door Lock. This lock uses high-quality materials; is very low profile and attractive; is easy to install in virtually any door with any existing deadbolt; supports up 70 users (either pin-pad or RFID card based); and is loaded with smart features, including an anti-theft and fire-detection system.  Accordingly, it’s a great choice for residential or commercial use.  Click Here For The Lowest Prices & Secure Shipping!

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