Samsung SEW-3036WN Baby Monitor Review


The Samsung SEW-3036WN Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Infrared Night Vision and Zoom is a hot new product that makes high resolution video very affordable.

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Baby monitors have come a long way. Now, manufacturers are working to provide more technology for the buck.  Among the most successful in this regard is Samsung. Their brand new SEW-3036WN Wireless Video Baby Monitor comes jam-packed with features, especially for the relatively low price of this unit.

The SEW-3036WN broadcasts a digital signal that has an 800-foot range.  Moreover, because the digital signal transmitted is a pure one, it eliminates interference from other home appliances or cordless phones, which could otherwise cause worrisome interruptions of the video feed.  The image produced by this unit is displayed on a 3.5 inch high quality LCD screen. And the picture quality is very good, with a VGA resolution of 640 x 480, 2x zoom, and time display feature. In addition, the camera comes with night vision technology.  Using invisible infrared LEDs, the unit allows you to monitor your baby from up to 15 feet, even in total darkness.

The SEW-3036WN is also very easy to use.  It can be connected to a standard wall outlet, and the video monitor has its own internal rechargeable battery.  And if you have lots of babies you want to monitor, the system can be expanded to receive feeds from up to four cameras.

Another great feature of this mode is its two-way talk mode. Not only can you see and hear your baby in real time, but with the unit’s monitor, you can also communicate directly with your baby, if talking helps your baby calm down that is!

Finally, the SEW-3036WN comes with a very interesting Voice Activated Power Saver Mode (i.e., the “VOX” mode). In essence, it’s a standby mode that, with a push of a button, allows the video monitor to turn off if it detects no significant sounds louder than a certain threshold within a one-minute period.  As soon as a sound is detected near the camera, however, the monitor turns on automatically.

In our view, this is very simple and compact unit that provides maximum functionality and good quality video without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.  Indeed, purchasers of Samsung SEW-3036WN are giving this product very high satisfaction ratings. In particular, they are impressed with this model’s picture quality, the battery life of the monitor, it’s overall design an look, and reasonable price tag.  In sum, it’s a very smart buy.

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