Samsung SDS-V4040N Review

Samsung might not be the first name you’d expect as far as home surveillance systems go, but this prominent figure in home electronics makes some outstanding models that are built on their vast industry experience in audio/video platforms. Take for example the new Samsung SDS-V4040N 8 Channel DVR Security System, which was designed to enable powerful and straightforward DIY home security.

SDS-V4040N Specifications

Good 8-Channel DVR: the SDS-V4040N surveillance security system comes with an 8 channel DVR, which gives you enough expansion flexibility (4 empty ports) to monitor anything from homes to even commercial properties. Further, it’s equipped with a 500 GB hard disk drive for good storage capacity that can be stretched even further thanks to its use of state of the art H.246 compression technology that minimizes file sizes while maintaining video quality, so you can record longer. It also has some very nice programming features.  For instance, you can set your surveillance cameras to operate upon detecting motion or schedule particular cameras for continuous recording or to start/stop recording on particular dates and time. It will even send you email recording alerts.  In addition, the DVR can be instructed to ignore certain areas in its field of view to the extent they are unnecessary or are distracting.

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Samsung SDS-V4040N All-Weather CameraHigh Quality All Weather Cameras: the 4 security cameras includes with this system (Model: SDC-5440BC) are also top of the line.  First and foremost, they provide a very crisp, high-quality and true-to-life picture due to their 600 TV lines (“TVL”) resolution, high frame rate (240 frame per second imaging) and excellent color-processing technology. Many of the more affordable systems out there typically cut corners on the cameras; so we are pleased to see this level of quality.  But beyond providing great clarity and rich color, they are also extremely durable and weatherproof, as confirmed by their IP66 outdoor use rating.  Moreover, they can be set for motion detection operation and can be powered by the Siamese BNC cables (60-feet) included with this system.  This is great as it eliminates having to use a separate power plug that could more easily be tampered with by vandals.

Finally, each camera comes with infrared LED technology that provides night vision up to a distance of 50-feet, which is pretty good for most residential/commercial purposes.

Cutting-Edge Remote Connectivity: as one would expect with any good modern home surveillance system, particularly one designed by such a tech-powerhouse, this one is great for remote monitoring. Indeed, the system comes ready for use with popular smartphones/devices (e.g., iPhone, iPad and android), PCs and even Macs so you can set up a remote connection quickly for 24/7 on-the go surveillance from wherever you happen to be.

Price & Value

Currently selling for a discounted price of about $500, we think this is a very value-driven surveillance package. In fact, just the high-quality cameras alone may sell for about this much in many cases. Consequently, if bang for your buck is what you seek, this is an outstanding choice.

Concluding Thoughts

At a time when there are so many package surveillance systems vying for your business, we like the Samsung SDS-V4040N 8 Channel DVR Security System not for doing anything revolutionary, but providing great value and high-quality components.  We also appreciate that this still remains a relatively straightforward system as well, so you won’t need to spend more time on the phone with technical support compared to monitoring your home. Finally, with its 4-empty camera slots, this system can be expanded easily to cover larger homes and even substantial commercial properties.

All in all a very good buy in our book!

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