Samsung Alkaviva Vesta 9 Plate Water Ionizer Review

Samsung Alkaviva Vesta 9 Plate Water Ionizer


Water ionizers and the purported health benefits of pH-optimized drinking water are surrounded by an aura of controversy.  Now, among the various ionizing models on the market is the new Samsung Alkaviva Vesta 9 Plate Water Ionizer, which purports to use advanced technology to deliver a reliable supply of alkaline drinking water.  As for our opinion on this product, please read on.

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The purity and quality of your drinking water is definitely something that should concern you. However, rather than leaping into an expensive water treatment system, it pays to become educated as to the actual, real science behind the various technologies before making a purchase.

For example, the Samsung Alkaviva Vesta 9 Plate Water Ionizer is purportedly designed to produce alkaline drinking water, which alkaline drinking water proponents say is better for your health and can do all sorts of things, such as heal your body and increase longevity.  But is this for real?

First, whether the Samsung Alkaviva Vesta 9 Plate Water Ionizer can actually produce any appreciable amount of alkaline water is itself unlikely. We will spare you the bulk of the technical discussion, but sufficed to say, the process of ionization itself cannot make pure water alkaline because pure water does not contain sufficient mineral content to start with – and it’s water mineral content that ultimately dictates pH. In fact, any shift in pH due to ionization (i.e., electrolysis) would be at best insignificant and temporary.

Second, there is no credible scientific evidence that we could find anywhere that indicates that drinking alkaline water has any health benefits whatsoever. From a scientific standpoint, foods and liquids that are ingested must pass through the gut where they are acidified anyway. And once fluids are taken up into the blood, they are maintained at a steady pH level by the body, which is unaffected by the pH of the foods/liquids you drink. At most, if you drank or ate very acid foods or drinks (we are not talking about any acid levels you would find in drinking water) that gave you discomfort – like indigestion or acid reflux, you could merely pop an over the counter antacid pill that would provide a strong dose of acid reducer (typically calcium bicarbonate) to calm your stomach and provide all of the relief necessary.

Third, further evidence that alkaline drinking water is a hoax is the fact that most of the country’s tap water supply is already alkaline. In particular, the municipal tap water in the western half of the U.S., or well water in most areas of the country, is usually moderately to strongly alkaline.  This is because the river systems and watersheds through which this water travels or percolates pick up lots of minerals along the way, in addition to those added during water treatment.  These tap water sources are perfectly safe to drink as is and, if the proponents of drinking alkaline water were correct, would make the people in the hardest water areas the healthiest – but no credible study has ever shown this to be true.

In our view, if you are concerned about purifying your drinking water, the Samsung Alkaviva Vesta 9 Plate Water Ionizer, whatever it actually does, is not what we’d recommend. Rather, for top-quality water filtration, we’d suggest you purchase a high quality reverse osmosis system, which is proven to produce some of the purest water (short of distillation) you can get.  For example, one great reverse osmosis that we reviewed recently is the Tap Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis System.

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