Robomow RS630 Review

Robomow RS630 ReviewThe Robomow RS630 is the bigger brother of the RS612 we recently reviewed. However, what else do you need to know about this new lawn robot? And is it worth the stiff price tag? Please read on as we take a closer look at this model and whether it’s worth your money.

Robomow RS630 – Key Specifications

Lawn Coverage Area

This lawn robot is engineered to mow bigger lawns up to 3/4 of an acre in size. This is actually a lot of ground to manage, especially if you need to mow the yard manually. Consequently, we were very happy to see a robotic come with this level of coverage.

Slope-Handling Capability

The RS630 is well-suited to mow even difficult, undulating lawns. It is rated to cut grass on slopes of up to 36% and, together with a floating deck mechanism, it can cut grass very closely. The knobbed wheels also provide great traction, which, together with this model’s lighter weight compared to predecessor models, allows it to easily navigate typical soft spots and other rough patches.

Zone-Cutting & Other Lawn Options

By setting up multiple zones one your property, you can direct the RS630 to mow them independently. This is great for areas that you want to hit less/more often for various reasons. In addition, cutting height is fully adjustable, and a edge-cutting feature allows you to make particularly neat, clean cuts around the periphery of the lawn/garden for that classic, manicured look.

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Base Station & Power Source

As with Robomow’s other robots, this one charges up at a base station, where the unit essentially waits until it is needed to initiate another cutting job. This model uses a 24V lithium ion battery that is lightweight and holds a charge very well – something that has greatly improved runtime and efficiency.

Rain/Humidity Sensor

Mowing wet grass is never a good idea, which is why Robomow has given the RS630 a rain/humidity sensor that can be set to avoid launching in inopportune weather conditions. This is a huge feature for those looking for set-n-forget convenience, which is what these robots are all about in the first place.

Remote Connectivity

You can operate the RS630 via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet, or with an optional remote control device. In either case, this is a great feature for guiding the robot from a far, if and when that becomes necessary.

Safety Features

Considering how tempting a robot like this is to children, it’s a great thing that the RS630 comes with a good set of safety features. This includes a blade brake, which stops the blades if the unit is picked/lifted up, and child lock mode that makes the mower inoperable for users that don’t have permission to use it. Finally the obstacle-sensing bumper allows the Robomow to avoid and back up from obstacles encountered in its cutting path.

Quiet Operation

Producing only 73 decibels of sound, this is a relatively quiet lawn mower  – much quieter than a gas model. As a result, you can set it to start working early, without disturbing your sleep-in time on the weekends.

Price and Value

For a robotic lawn mower that can cover an area up to 3/4 of an acre, the current sales price (hovering around $2,000 at the moment) is very good. This is only slightly more, relatively speaking, than the cost of the RS612, which has a 1/4 acre coverage area. Consequently, for the work it performs – and the money saved from hiring landscapers – we think the RS630 is a very good deal.

Robomow RS630 – Concluding Thoughts

For a large yard, the Robomow RS630 robotic lawn mower is a very good choice. For the price of a season’s worth of a landscaping service, you can buy a robot that will work tirelessly and effectively year after year. Moreover, the modular design of this unit makes servicing/maintenance very easy, and inexpensive in the unlikely event something needs to be replaced. In a nutshell, for big lawns, the RS630 is a solid bet.

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